How Do Women Get Rid of the Hair in Their Nose?

Everybody has nose hairs. There is an important function of nose hair which you should know before coming to the point of getting rid of the hair. Nose hair is also known as cilia which plays an important part in the defense system and also provides protection to your lungs. With the help of mucous, these nose hair or cilia helps in removing the dirt and other particles from your airways which helps in preventing these particles from entering your respiratory system.

However there are some hormonal changes which can grow the nose hair in quite an excess. So it is necessary to get rid of the extra nose hair especially if you are a woman. There are several methods of removing the hair which would be explained as under:

Method No.1 – Grooming Scissors

The grooming scissors have round tips and through the help of these scissors you can cut the nose hair. Keep one tip in mind, slightly tilt back your head and stand in front of the mirror so that you can see the hair and then cut the hair with the help of the grooming scissors. This is also an easy and quick method of removing the hair without any expense.

Method No. 2 – Use Nose Trimmers

There are nose trimmers available in the market simply turn on the trimmer and press the blades of the trimmer against the skin of the nose. The trimmer will remove the hair at the surface of the skin. Repeat the process as required. This is quite an easy and efficient way of removing the nose hair without any pain.

Method No. 3 – Laser Hair Removal

With the trimmer, you may have to trim your nose hair almost every day and similarly with the grooming scissors you have to spend some time to cut your hair. If you need some permanent solution or at least some reduction in the growth of the nose hair then you should go for this third method and that is laser hair removal. For this you will have to find a professional who has a good reputation and once you find one, get rid of those nasty nose hair permanently.

Do not Use or Try these Methods:

There are also some other ways through which we remove hair from other parts of the body but some of these methods may get harmful for the nose. These are as under:

1. Waxing
Waxing is not at all recommended for nose hair as it can damage the tender nasal tissues. Also it is very difficult to wax the nose hair. Waxing is only recommended for outer surface of the nose.

2. Plucking
Plucking with the tweezers is not at all recommended for nose hair as it can also lead to ingrown hair which may lead to infection as well as to permanent damage of the nasal tissues.