How To Apply Bridal Eye Makeup Perfectly

Wedding is the ‘Big day’ of your life and it is very important that the bride should look her best as all the eyes are going to be on her all through the event. That is why; makeup of the bride tops the list of prominent things to be done during the wedding. Natural looking bridal makeup is the latest craze, as the bride does not want to end up looking flushed and puffed in the photographs.

Tips before Starting Bridal Eye Makeup

Pluck your eyebrows and give them the proper shape at least one day prior to the wedding. Getting the eyebrows done on the same day can cause irritation and redness in the area and also can make your upper eye area look swollen. This can limit the scope of eye makeup and mar the overall effect.

bridal makeup

  • Take ample measures to avoid dark circles and under eye swelling.
  • Pick up the necessary products such as tissues, concealer/foundation, mascara, eyeliner, brushes, Kohl or Kajal pencil, false eyelashes, or lash curler, eye shadow and so on.

Bridal Eye Makeup

Step 1: Clean your face completely, including the eye areas using a good cleaner. Make sure that all the traces of previous make up on the eyes, the eye shadows and liner are removed completely. Moisturize the face and the under eye area with a rich moisturizer if you have a dry skin. Use lighter moisturizer or a toner if you have an oily skin.

Step 2: When you are using foundation and concealer to give an even tone to all your face and neck area, use a base coat on the upper and under eye area so that the skin in these areas too appear even-toned. You can use a concealer in these areas to cover the dark circles or dark spots and make the skin look flawless.

Step 3: Since the color of the bridal dress is already known you can shop around much earlier for, the right coloured eye shadows and liners for enhancing the eye makeup. While using eye shadow make the right use of darker and lighter shades matching your dress colour. If you do not want to go for matching eye shadow colours, you can always opt for the regular combination of golden and smoky black that goes well with all the colours. Right application of eye shadow is as important as the choice of the shade. So, you should use a high quality brush to apply the shadow, above the eyelid, from start to inside, outside and above the crease of the eyes. Apply one coat extra in the middle of the eyelid area and blend the shades well. This will give your eyes a balanced look.

Step 4: If you prefer using Kohl or Kajal, apply it as you are used to doing it regularly, but do not make it thick, as the focus is more on the eyelids than the lower eye area.

Step 5: After the eye shadow, it is time for using eyeliner. You need to have a great practice for applying eyeliner, as the hand should be completely steady while applying it. Start with the inner corner drawing thin line and slowly making it thicker as you come towards the corner. You can give a defined look using eyeliner such as stretched, winged, double winged, and so on by using an eyeliner.

apply eyeliner

Step 6: Mascara application is last but an equally important step. Apply it slowly yet firmly without disturbing the Kajal or liner. You can use the curler or fake lashes for adding more charm to your eyes.

Eyes being the most prominent features of face, extra care should be taken while doing eye makeup. With a good eye makeup your eyes look opened up and bright whereas if your eye makeup is not up to the mark, it can tone down the beauty of your eyes.