How To Get Rid of a Big Nose

By Subodh / May 10, 2011

Endless numbers of people have a problem with their nose. You are not alone, as even celebrities pay for expensive surgeries and treatments to alter the one they were given at birth.

Not everyone who wants to get rid of a big nose has access to funds for plastic surgery though. However, some improvements on the appearance of this part of your face can still be made right at home.

Make-up Tips

The application of make-up is one of the most common methods used to hide a big nose. The different concealment methods used are further explained below.

Use a foundation-The use of a foundation that is darker what you normally wear along with a blending brush can help make your nose appear smaller. First, you apply your regular foundation to your face.

Then, you use the darker shade strategically on this rather noticeable area of your face. You might want to choose just one side, but you can cover up parts of both sides. It may help to research advanced nasal covering tips to learn more.

Tip: When using foundation for your nasal area try not to use a shade that is far darker than your natural skin. Only a little bit darker is recommended.

Additional cosmetic cover-up tips are shown below:

  • Use a very light or white stick to cover your nasal bones after creating lines on one side of it. A blending brush helps gel the varying shades of foundation.
  • You can use a darker shade to create a contour at the sides of your nose. You can then follow this up by using a lighter-colored cover stick or concealer.
  • If your nose is long as well as big you can use some dark foundation or blusher at the middle of it.
  • A bronze foundation may do the trick. It has often been used on the top or sides. Your nasal area will look slimmer, and you are likely to look more natural.

An Alternative Method

An alternative method used to get rid of a big nose is to minimizing it by drawing attention away from it. For instance, you can enhance the colors of your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

If your nasal area is wider or larger you should use a darker lipstick. In fact a sheer or shiny lip gloss works wonders on a person who whose nasal area is wider than another person’s.

What not to Do

You are advised to never use a blusher to create a nasal shadow, or a shadow of any kind. It is mainly used for addition of colors. The darker colors are used for contouring and the lighter colors are used for highlighting.

The above tip just given is in fact a general makeup rule of thumb all around. It can be applied as equally to fixing your nose as it would to enhancing the rest of your face.

Additional Advice

Using a double layer of concealer on your face can also conquer one additional problem-dark circles under the eyes. If you tackle this problem it will compliment your nose quite nicely. You can say it is another method of drawing attention away from your nose onto a different part of your face.