How To Get Rid of A Perm

Perming has long been since become a popular change in hairstyle for people who do not have naturally curly or wavy hair. It is for anyone who wishes to have tighter curls, and for people who wish to have thicker or wavier locks

This is a nice style, but on the other hand sometimes permanent trends come and go. If you do not want your salon-produced curls any more you can learn how to get rid of a perm.

Why Remove?

There are many reasons people may want to get rid of a perm. Maybe it is growing out or the curls you received did not turn out the way you wanted, mainly being too tight.

Either that or you are tired of dealing with frizziness. Several products are available for this purpose. However, maybe you have realized that maintaining your curls is more effort that you bargained for.
If you have tried to spend more time styling it and taking care of it and do not like the way it looks, this may be another reason for removal. Sometimes no amount of teasing and blow-drying gives you the look you were hoping.

This could be for a variety of reasons; such maybe the perming solution did not take very well if you have thin or fine hair. Perming your hair after it has just been dyed could also cause a problem, especially if the dye is metallic-based.

Furthermore, if you have used lighteners it could prevent your permanently-curled hair to turn out the way you wanted. Of course, one major mistake is to not have your hair tested before having it permed. Now maybe you have wasted your money unfortunately and now need to find a way to remove the curls.

Perm Removal

If you want to get rid of a perm it is possible using one of the methods described in this section. Use this advice very carefully and when in doubt you should consult an expert.

Here are some perm removal tips:

  • Go to a professional and have it safely straightened in a salon.
  • Make sure enough time goes by before using any kind of straightening product on your hair. Otherwise undo stress could cause damage.
  • Yet another removal option would be to find a non-chemical straightening product. You can use along with a round bristle brush and a blow dryer. Make sure you read the instructions of the permanent removal product to ensure either use on wet or dry hair.
  • Keep brushing your hair out, or have it cut short to speed up the perm outgrowing process. You can try a variety of scrunching techniques in order to further manipulate the curls until they grow out.


Be very careful when using a straightening product as already mentioned. You should also be very careful because it cannot be stressed enough that professional consultation is recommended.

That way you are almost assured of not ruining your hair. Of course, you may not want to go to the same professional who gave you your perm if you really did not like it. Otherwise, you could run the risk of not liking your hairstyle again.