How To Get Rid of Acne Bumps

Old acne bumps can show up around your skin even after the acne that was once there is gone. Acne bumps can be irritating and can keep your skin from looking its best. You should use a few considerations in mind when trying to keep old acne bumps from being too problematic.

1. Use hydroxy acids on your skin

Hydroxy acids are capable of helping you to improve the production of new skin cells in an area. This is used to replace the old skin cells that have caused your acne bumps. These bumps might be a challenge to handle unless you use the right hydroxyl acids to control what’s in your skin.

2. Massage is always a good idea

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Massaging the areas where your acne bumps are located in can help you to improve the ways how your skin looks while removing the scars by getting blood to flow around the area with ease. This is needed for a few minutes each day. It works because a reduction in blood flow to an area can cause scars to be more prevalent for a while.

3. You can grind up aspirin and place it in water and then use it on your skin

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This may sound like a bit of work but it should help you out. Aspirin has salicylic acid, a material that dries out old acne spots so they can be killed off. You can use an aspirin and water paste overnight and then wash it off after waking up. This should make it a little easier for your acne to be treated the right way.

4. Onion extract is known to improve skin cell production in areas with acne bumps

It can even be found in some over the counter acne treatment products. This can work on your skin every day for a few weeks for the best results.

5. Toothpaste can be applied at night to acne bumps


Toothpaste can work to remove old skin cells by drying them out. This can work provided that your skin is not sensitive to any of the ingredients that might be in the way.

These procedures are useful but only if you use them the right way. There are several things that need to be done so you can keep your skin treated the right way:

  • Make sure you clean out your skin before applying anything to your acne bumps
  • It helps to use treatments in the morning and at night when your skin is more likely to be easy to control
  • It can take at least two months to get the effects of something to work out right; it certainly beats having your acne bumps stick around forever though

You should use these tips when getting rid of acne bumps. These should be used if you want to protect your skin and make it feel as comfortable as it can be.