How To Get Rid of Age Spots on the Face

By Subodh / May 28, 2012

You can easily get rid of age spots on your face if you want to look younger and more attractive. Many of these procedures can be handled in a variety of ways. These include many functions that you can use on your own or even through something that a doctor might offer for you. These are good choices for you to take a look at for your age spots.

  • Hydroquinone cream can be used. This is a cream that works as a natural bleaching agent. It is used to fade the skin to make it look a little lighter in appearance. It can be applied to your skin once or twice a day for a few weeks.

It can work provided that you use the right amount of hydroquinone. A solution that has four percent hydroquinone is the best option for you to go with.

  • Your can sand your skin by using a pumice stone to control the effects of age spots. A sanding procedure can be used to kill off skin cells at the top of the skin. These are often the cells that cause the age spots to develop on the face.

This can work well if it is treated with the right material. A pumice stone could be used to help you out with your needs.

  • Dermabrasion is a great option to take a look at. This is a procedure where you can get some of the top layers on your skin removed. This can be controlled by a doctor and can be used to help you out with keeping your skin comfortable.

In some cases lemon juice can be added to the skin after it is treated so it can be bleached. This should be done only if your skin is comfortable enough.

  • Exfoliation is a procedure that removes old skin cells. These include skin cells that could cause age spots to develop around your face. Your exfoliation procedure can be used to reveal the lighter skin that might be underneath the skin you are showing off. An exfoliation procedure could be used with scrubbing beads in some cases.
  • A tretinoin cream can be added to your skin. This could be used to clear up your face after you wash it. It is used to improve the growth of blood vessels around your face. It also increases the ways how your skin is capable of generating new skin cells.

It can take a few months to get this cream to work. Also, you’ll have to contact your doctor for information on getting this cream before it can be used the right way.

You should be aware of what is going on when you are trying to get rid of age spots on the face. This is needed so it can be treated carefully without risking the issues that might come with your skin.