How To Get Rid of Back Fat

By Subodh / May 12, 2011

Learning how to get rid of back fat can help increase your self-confidence. It also helps you feel better about yourself in social situations.


Before learning about how to correct this problem you are going to be given a brief intro to causes of back fat accumulation. Some of the main reasons this occurs is because of lack of exercise, poor diet, and poor lifestyle choices.

For instance, maybe a person eats too many fatty foods that produce cellulite in areas of the body where it is more noticeable. A person may also drink heavy beers, soda, or other beverages high on carbs, fat, or sugar.

The result is putting on wait in the form of body fat, and one place where this substance is stored is on the back. Women especially feel self conscious about this problem but men do as well.

Back Exercises and Workout Ideas

One of the main ways to get rid of back fat besides eating a healthier diet would be to perform a variety of workout routines. It is these activity sessions that would help you more than eating a balanced diet

By the way, a diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy and very little fat, very little carbs, and low salt, and very little sugar is recommended. Consuming plenty of dietary fiber is best. That along with following the right workout routines as shown below is advised.

Some example back exercises:

  • Arm and leg lifts-You can start out by lying flat on your stomach. Then you can extend your arms over your head and straighten out your legs. Then you can rest your forehead on the floor or turn your head to one side.

You can slowly raise your right arm and left leg at exactly the same time. Your pelvis and chest should remain flat on the floor and then you can repeat this same process using the opposite leg. You could do a few sets, and remember not to rock or twist your body while you do this. If you feel pain, then stop.

  • Rowing-It would be great if you had access to a rowing machine. However, there is a way to do this type of exercise without it.

You can stand next to a sturdy chair and place one hand on the seat for comfort. Then, you can bend forward from your hips. While you do this you should keep your stomach sucked in and your back and head should be parallel to the floor.

You should also hold a dumbbell heavy enough to provide enough resistance without straining muscles. This would be placed in your free hand. Then, retract your shoulder blade, bend your elbow, and pull the wait in your hand up to your torso.

Then, you would lower the weight again. You can then switch sides. You can keep repeating this for maybe eight to ten repetitions on each side. Maybe you want to try work yourself up to two or three sets over time.

  • Rear delt fly-You start this routine by sitting on the front edge of a chair or bench. Then, you hold the light weights in each hand behind each leg. As you do so, you would then lean forward from the hips with your back flat while you tuck your chin into your chest.

The next step of this chair exercise would then be to raise your arms to the sides. While you do so you can bend your elbows gradually. Then, squeeze your shoulder blades together and pause at the top of the extension. Afterwards, slowly lower your arms. You may want to repeat a handful of times at least.