How To Get Rid of Bad Hair Color

Hair dye can help you achieve a whole new look. However, if you do it wrong it could have a detrimental effect on you.

However, you can fix the situation if you just use a little bit of patience. It just requires knowing the right techniques for remedying the problem in order to find the right solution.

Fixing Temporary Hair Dye

This is not usually as much of an issue because after about 24 washes or 24 days (which ever comes first) the hair dye will be cleaned out. However, as far as temporary dyes are concerned, it could take a little bit longer than 24 days for your hair to return to its original color.

If you want to be exact as to how many days your temporary hair dye will be washed out in you can consult a chemist. The above is just a general estimation. In any case, if you do not want to wait that long to correct the errors you may find solace in the instructions for removing permanent hair dye.

Fixing Permanent Hair Dye

If you have chosen a dark permanent dye, you might not have a choice but to simply bleach your hair. If you look good as a blond, you might be able to get away with just the bleaching step.

However, if blond does not suit your facial features, eye lash, or eyebrow color, you might need to then apply a new color after the bleaching process is complete.

If you use a lighter color you most likely will not have to bleach your hair. You can just choose a darker dye color and cover over the light shade you do not like. However, In the event you want to make sure the dye presents itself as a shade that is more desirable, you could bleach your hair first and then use the darker dye color.

Some precautions regarding dying your hair too many times within a short period could cause excess damage to your hair. If you can bear the ugly color, you may want to wait at least some recovery time (perhaps a few days or a week, or two weeks) before applying the new color.

You might have a bit of a challenge on your hand if you have used black dye. For one, not all the black dye may come out if you bleach your hair, even if it was temporary black dye. You might have to bleach it and then accommodate.

Other Fixing Options

Time is another corrective measure for getting rid of a bad hair color. You can grow your hair out. This may take months, though just so you are aware.

You also might be able to use a variety of shampoo and bleaching techniques, such as highlighting the crown of your head. You can also just go to a professional stylist and have that person fix it. Both a cut and style option might help make the current color you have more appealing, for instance.