How To Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes

Bloodshot eyes occur in people who have never even used an illegal drug in their lifetime. This is a problem that occurs for many reasons. If you are one of the affected people you might want to consider correcting this problem.

Some of the most common reasons people optical redness include as follows:

  • Using a moisturizer that causes an irritation or allergic reaction
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Stress and/or sleep deprivation
  • Excessively dry air
  • Drinking too much alcohol or caffeine
  • Use of the wrong soaps and other cosmetics
  • Pet allergy (i.e. cat or dog)
  • Lack of energy or extreme tiredness/fatigue
  • Inability of the eye to product tears for cleansing
  • Too much rubbing of the eyes
  • A common cold

Addressing the Problem

Depending upon the cause of bloodshot eyes, different remedies are used to get rid of it. Keep in mind that your situation is very unique. Therefore, the method by which you would get rid of the problem is different from another.
Of course, some obvious solutions for getting rid of bloodshot eyes include these shown below:

  • Try to stay out a few less nights and/or get more sleep.
  • Do not overwork yourself as fatigue can cause reddening.
  • Stop using too much alcohol and quite smoking cigarettes, if you can.
  • Add a humidifier to your home, or all the rooms of your home to moisten the air.
  • Purchase artificial tears (eye drops) to moisten your eyes.
  • Avoid eye rubbing.
  • Use hypo-allergenic cosmetics, moisturizers, and cleansers.
  • Do not stay in smoke-fill rooms for very long.
  • Treat your cold or allergy symptoms.

Warnings about Medicated Eye Drops

Whether over the counter or prescription, you are fair warned. Eye drops do help but they also can worsen rather than improve your condition if you do not use this solution carefully.

Always follow the instructions on the label or package for proper administration. Furthermore, if it is a prescription you should only take what the doctor recommends. For a non-prescription take only up to the amount and frequency indicated by the manufacturer.

The other issue is that you should not make a habit of using medicated eye drops too often. Otherwise, it can make your situation much work-could cause excess irritation and stress.

An Alternative Remedy: Warm or Cold Compress

Not everyone who suffers from bloodshot eyes complains about it. The condition may look worse than it feels, as sometimes redness can occur without irritation or itching.

Warm compress– When you use a warm compress it should be placed on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. This will help get rid of the redness that usually is indicative of redness caused by a cold. If your warm compress cools saturated it once again in warm water.

Cold compress– If you are using a compress to get rid of an allergy, a cold compress may be better recommended. The first step is to wet a piece of clothing in cold water and then ring it around your eyes as thoroughly as you can.

You could also wrap an ice pack or ice cubes in a towel. The coldness of this compress will shrink the swollen eye blood vessels and thus the allergy symptoms disappear.