How To Get Rid of Breast Hairs

Hair can grow on any part of the body but there are few sensitive areas which should be treated with care like the genital parts and breasts. One of the main problems of women is to get rid of breast hair and there are several methods to remove the hair. Each of this solution varies in costs and effectiveness which would be described here:

1. Razor Removal
The easiest and the fastest removal of breast hair, is to make use of razor. This not only provides a quick removal of the hair but it is quite economical as well. However the razor removal has short lasting effects and the hair soon grows back. Also sometimes shaving near the nipple may cause irritation and redness on the skin so make sure you use some kind of lubricating shaving gel which would prevent the razor burn as well as other skin irritations.

2. Plucking and Waxing
Some women have only few strands of hair around the nipple area so instead of shaving they prefer plucking as it does not allow more hair to grow and the results are slightly longer than doing the razor. Similarly some women prefer waxing which allows the hair to take some time to grow back. It is also a cheap procedure but there is a lot of pain involved in this procedure.

3. Depilatory Creams
If you cannot stand the pain of plucking and waxing and get razor burns then you should use depilatory creams. These creams contain calcium thioglycolate which break down the surface of the hair strand and with the scrapper you can remove the hair from the skin. Since the skin around the breasts is sensitive, it is recommended to test a small patch of skin before applying on the whole area. This is also an affordable and easy way of removing the hair which does not involve any pain.

4. Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is an expensive yet a permanent solution for the removal of breast hair. The laser helps in removing the hair permanently as it damages the mechanism to grow the hair follicles in the breast tissue. There are several sittings/treatments required before the complete results can be seen. This method is very expensive from all the above mentioned solutions however the results are pretty good than the rest.

5. Electrolysis Treatment
The laser hair removal reduces the hair follicles while the electrolysis provides the permanent hair removal from the breasts. Electrolysis method includes a small needle like device which is placed into the hair follicles on the breasts and then electrical current is passed into the follicles which destroy the hair follicles ability to grow again or to grow new hairs. This is the most expensive method from all the above mentioned methods but this is the permanent solution for getting rid of the breasts hair.