How To Get Rid of Dark Underarms

By Subodh / May 7, 2011

Getting rid of dark underarms can really help reduce and eliminate embarrassment. Doing so can help you regain confidence when wearing sleeveless tops again.


Dark underarms often are a result of hair growth, residue or hyper-pigmentation. Daily exfoliation is not necessarily going to help lighten the area. Additional measures must be taken.

The First Step: Prevention

Of course you would not have to worry about learning how to get rid of dark underarms. Here are some preventative tips:

  • Avoid shaving your underarms unless it is absolutely just not “cool” to leave hair under them. Not shaving can prevent the presence of a shadow. The exception would be is if you learn how to shave properly which is explained in further detail towards the end of this article.
  • If you stop wearing sleeveless clothing it will further prevent your underarms from becoming darker.
  • Wear sunscreen on your body to keep your entire skin tone even.
  • Losing weight can help reduce fat under your arms, and as a result reduce skin friction.
  • If you use baking soda instead or anti-fungal powder under your arms instead of store-bought deodorants it is more effective. Roll-ons and sticks often leave harmful chemicals on your skin.

The Second Step: Correction

Darkening of the underarms might occur because of hair shaving. However, this method is said to cause a shadow. Therefore, if you want to remove unwanted armpit hair you may wish to try waxing instead.

Waxing helps you remove all hair while at the same time preventing ingrown hair problems and raised bumps. The reason why is because the hair is removed from the root via waxing.

However, if you are insistent on shaving and maybe a little bit afraid of the pain associated with waxing you can instead learn how to shave properly. The first step would be to shower for two minutes to soften your skin and hair.

Then, before you shave you should use a shaving gel or cream. Just using soap and a razor will not help. Come time to shave you should do so by shaving upwards, sideways, and downwards to remove hair from all directions.

Additional Remedies

A variety of home remedies might also be helpful for getting rid of dark underarms. Lemons, curds, and flour are three ingredients that could help.

Perhaps you can find a mild bleaching technique that will help you. Other solutions include the flour, milk, and lime juice solution which should sit for about 15 minutes before you rinse.

Mint leaves are also very helpful. You can grind several of them and apply them to darkened skin and let these plant leaves sit for 20 minutes. Do this daily until the darkened spots are gone.

Lime juice and turmeric is a highly acidic substance. Therefore, it is often regarded as a natural whitener and seems to work very well. You can find a recipe of these ingredients to mix yourself or you can find skin whitening products that have these ingredients present in them.