How To Get Rid of Famers Tan

By Subodh / April 26, 2011

Having a farmer’s tan can be just plain old embarrassing. In case you are wondering what a farmer tan is, it is the portion of your skin that is darker than the rest of your body.

It usually shows up when you are wearing a sleeveless tank top sure or bikini swimming suits, instead of the regular short sleeve shirts or knee-length shorts. You can get rid of and prevent having a famer’s tan.

Getting rid of the Marks

One of the fastest ways to remove farmer’s tan marks that already exist is by participating in skin exfoliation cleansing methods. This process is easiest done by going into a hot tub or by way of using a body scrub, and/or a body scrubber.

The advantage of this exfoliation method is that it removes your skin’s dead skin cells. Some of these dead skin cells are then replaced by newer cells, which represent your natural skin pigment.
You can also apply a whitening cream to speed up the process of tan fading. However, during the gradual removal processes you should really use sunscreen when you are working on a farm. That is, if you are not allowed to wear very short shorts and very short shirts while working the fields.

Of course, short and revealing clothing is not very acceptable for most professional work and people who work non-farm jobs also get “farmer’s tans.” That is why you are advised to use sunscreen especially if you work any kind of outdoor job, such as landscaping or lawn mowing.

Other options of farmer tan and sun spot removal:

  • If you want to get rid of blotchiness, you can dampen your skin and massage dry baking soda on it in a circular motion. This method is well-trusted and it can be used right at home.
  • A self-tanner can be applied to the areas that are not tanned yet. However, just beware it may take a few tries as far as achieving a shade on the un-tanned area that matches the tanned location.
  • As mentioned earlier in this article, soaking is another way of removing a farmer’s tan. You can sit in the tub for hours if you want, but a minimum of 30 minutes may be all you need to help remove your dead skin cells.
  • If you want to remove your farmer’s tan you can also use one of a variety of lotions or serums. Formulas with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in them are ideal.
  • You could find a private place to tan naked. This is one way to even out your skin tone. Keep in mind you should cover the darker areas with sunscreen to prevent them from darkening even more.

Preventative Tips

You can prevent from getting a farmer’s tan by always wearing short enough clothing or by tanning your body frequently. However, as you have already been told short clothing is not always appropriate.

Therefore, you may want to wear sunscreen or long clothing that covers your body so that you never develop tan lines. Then, when you go to the beach you can be assured of no tan lines in your biking area, arms, or legs.