How To Get Rid of Hand Wrinkles

Hand wrinkles make your age so obvious when you are feeling uncomfortable with it. Indeed, your face might not betray your advanced years, but often enough, the lines in your hand and the little folds of skin would unerringly tell the truth. And yes, that just makes anyone feel old and ugly, which is not a state of mind to be in.

So how do you change it? How do you reduce the wrinkles in your hand?

Well, before thinking solution, let us examine the causes of the problem. The reasons why wrinkles occur in your hands are quite a few.

  1. Advancing years leave wrinkles on the surface of your skin.
  2. Prolonged exposure to sunlight
  3. Stress and hard living
  4. Unbalanced diet

get rid wrinkles hand

To stop the aging of your hands and make them look pretty again, you can do a few things which would surely bring back the beauty of your fingers.

  1. Use a good brand of hand cream. There are several brands in the market. Choose one which suits your skin type and can thoroughly hydrate and moisturize your skin. These creams are especially designed to even out little wrinkles and lines, so rub a good quantity on your skin and allow it to soak up the moisture. You would be surprised to see the amount of cream your hand can soak up.
  2. Hydrate your body by drinking water. This would help the blood flowing consistently all over your body and add to the metabolism rate of your body, which would leave your skin flushed and colorful. This would even out wrinkles which were formed due to skin dehydration.
  3. Use a reliable hand chemical peel, which would remove the existing layers of epidermis and uncover new, young skin. The layers of dead, decayed cells on your skin would be lifted and healthy new skin would emerge with the aid of the peel.
  4. You can also approach your friendly neighborhood dermatologist for a peel recommended by him. This would be extremely helpful since your dermatologist can give you one suited to your skin type. This especially helps people who have sensitive skin.
  5. If all else fails, you can always go under the knife. Cosmetic surgery can prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and delay the aging procedure by the aid of simple operations. You can now possess a body which would look years younger and beautiful. You can change your overall skin tone as well, achieving a different color. However, this is an expensive procedure, so be prepared to shell out some cash.

If you are still in the beginner’s stage, or have come from a point when you are having these sorts of problems, you can easily prevent them from coming, or slow the procedure down. You can do this by eating a really well-balanced diet, using moisturizers and hand creams, and drinking plenty of water. Always remember to apply sun block not just to your face, but also your hands, and avoid direct sunlight. This would ensure your hands stay petal soft and pretty.