How To Get Rid of Laugh Lines

By Subodh / February 3, 2010

When our age increases then it develops lines on our face which looks awful. These may be laugh lines, wrinkles and frowning lines. These lines may be formed due to the exposure to the sun. There are ways to eliminate these lines and which makes you look younger once again.

Homemade laugh lines remedy

Eat fruits, use herbal treatments; take vitamins and exfoliation are some of the homemade remedies that can be tried out at home to get rid of laugh lines.

  • Exfoliate: Daily exfoliate your skin so that it is not a house of dead cells. You need to do this before applying any lotion, cream or moisturizer over your face. You need to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. This can be done using exfoliate, peel off or facial scrubs. It makes you to feel refreshed as the layer of dead cells is being removed.
  • Vitamins: those face creams and lotions should be used which have vitamin as their content. AHA’s may also have a negative impact on your skin so use small quantity for the very first time and see that whether everything is right or not. This is mainly present in the anti-ageing creams. If these creams occur to be costly for you then try soaking a cloth in milk and then apply it over your face. The creams that contain vitamin A, B, C and Beta-carotene prevent the skin from the formation of wrinkles and the exposure from the sun.

Fruit and herbal treatment:

  1. You can try applying fresh aloe vera gel over your face. You just need to cut the leaf from the below, try not to break it. Take out the gel from it by using a spoon. This will give you a healthier looking skin.
  2. You can also apply avocado over your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wipe it off.
  3. Papaya not only helps in whitening your skin but also helps you to remove the lines on your face as it contains enzymes in it.
  4. To add firmness in your skin you may apply a mixture of banana and honey over your face. This will also make your skin to glow.

Cosmetics and other modern methods:

  1. You can also apply facial peel offs that will help you to remove the lines present over your face. Do not apply a deep peel off as it may cause the side effect of skin colour change.
  2. Microderbrasion is a method which is used to level the skin. In this mostly five or seven sessions are mostly required. This is the best treatment available till date to overcome the problem of wrinkles.
  3. Dermabrasion is a surgical treatment which is done using equipment. The effects of this treatment generally depend upon the physician’s skill and experience.
  4. The modern technique that is available now days is the use of lasers. In this the skin comes in a consistency.

Remember to visit a dermatologist before getting any treatment done.