How To Get Rid of Leg Hair

By Subodh / May 16, 2011

Attempting to get rid of leg hair can be quite the grueling process for either men or women. The most up-to-date tips can help you attain completely flawless legs.

If you want to further learn how to get rid of leg hair please keep reading. A variety of tips are shown so you can pick the ones that are most helpful in your situation.

Removal Options

Several methods are used to get rid of leg hair. Each person may prefer an entirely different method of removal than another.

Here is a more detailed description of your options of removal:

  1. Shaving– This is one of the most inexpensive ways to remove hair. Of course, this is only a temporary process as it could grow back in as little time as a few days. However, there is one main advantage to shaving in that has skin exfoliate qualities.
  2. Waxing– This is a procedure that involves more pain than shaving. However, the times between re-growth are fewer and farer between than if you would shave. Furthermore, after waxing the hair grows back considerably finger and thinner. The removal sessions are more infrequent than shaving because waxing ensures hair is pulled up from the roots.
  3. Depilatory creams– This kind of treatment is very effective. However, it is not recommended for people who have overly sensitive skin. It is a chemical-based solution that burns the hair off your body. It is a cross between shaving and waxing. Your legs are smoother afterwards and re-growth is not as frequent as after shaving. However, this treatment is not necessary as deep and thorough as a good waxing.
  4. Laser treatment– This is a more expensive option of treatment. It is usually done by a cosmetic surgery professional and involves the use of a special light which “zaps” the hair right out of your legs. It helps reach below the surface. A similar process is electrolysis which works via use of electrical current versus laser power.

Removal Issues

You may need to beware of some issues that could occur while shaving. These concerns are categorized by type of method used to get rid of hair from the body. Suggestions for improving your technique when using these methods are provided.

  • When shaving– Sometimes if you shave improperly it can cause razor burns. Usually this occurs when you use too dull of a razor or when you apply too much pressure when shaving. Just use a gentle gliding motion in varying directions but do not press too hard.

Another problem that could occur when shaving is the presence of ingrown hair. This also could be the result of using too much pressure. Furthermore, if you use an unsanitary razor it could cause a bad reaction (i.e. skin conditions resulting from bacterial infections) in or under your skin.

  • When waxing– After an intensive waxing session you may notice skin redness. This is often a result of the fast ripping of the hair from your body in various locations such as your legs, bikini area, or face.

It is hard to prevent the redness from occurring but the right skin care products can help treat this minor skin irritation. A cold compress may also be a viable treatment option in your case.

  • When using depilatory creams– Some people could be allergic to the ingredients in these removal creams. Redness, irritation, or burning could occur after use. If you notice you are reacting badly to this solution try leaving it on your skin for a little less time. Either that or discontinue use and see a doctor.
  • When undergoing laser or electrolysis treatments- This procedure can look great if done correctly, and your hair will not grow back as fast. However, it could also make your legs look very coarse or rough if not done right. Be careful who you have perform this procedure on you.