How To Get Rid of Nose Hair (with Video)

Long hair is fine, but not so much is long nose hair. This in fact in many cultures is considered a very socially unacceptable “faux pas.”

However, not only is it unattractive-looking to others but it also is quite annoying. It can also make you sneeze non-stop and it sometimes itches. It is all-around not a pretty site whether you are a guy or a girl (man or woman).


The main cause of unsightly nose hair is the increase in male hormone production and the decrease in male hormone production. It is the sensitivity of the changes in hormone production that cause you to all of the sudden notice that hairs are growing out where they did not used to grow.

Maintenance Guide

This is a general guide to help you maintain your nose hairs. It starts from the inspection stage and it ends at the removal stage. These steps are described below in far more detail just so you are aware.

Please follow these steps from beginning to end:

  • Inspect your nose daily. This is necessary because nose hairs grow very fast. It can just save you some embarrassment from going out in public with visible nostril hairs. Of course, you also probably need to set a few extra minutes (at least) aside for this, either in the morning or night.
  • Clean out your nostrils. This is very important; because it can be very hard to cut nose hairs out if dirt has bound them all together. You should separate the nose hair strains with cotton swab, too.
  • Acquire the right tool. It is highly recommended that you use a special nose groomer or nose hair trimmer versus a scissors or tweezers. Using the groomer/trimmer is helpful because it is far less painful.
  • Trim in well-lit area. The most obvious place to do this may be in your bathroom. One aid that could be beneficial to you during this process is a magnifying mirror. It can prevent you from cutting something other than your nose.
  • Pay close attention. Just perform this procedure slowly. Otherwise, you can really hurt yourself. Just pay attention while you trim your nose hairs so that you do not cause a new kind of nosebleed!

Some Info

A high-quality nose trimmer usually only costs $20. Therefore, it is not much of an investment especially if you do this often enough. In fact, you might want to buy more than one if you think you are going to use it often enough.

About Permanent Hair Removal

It may be possible to experience an electrolysis process which helps remove nose hair permanently. It can be costly and there is some risk. However, if it goes well you can benefit greatly.

There may also be laser hair removal treatments that may help. You should talk to a cosmetic specialist who deals with these kinds of procedures to learn more. Again, this is far more expensive than just regular home treatments, but they are more permanent.