How To Get Rid of Pillow Creases on Your Face

What better than a great sleep for hours? However, when you wake up in the morning to pillow creases on your face it could ruin your day. The worst part is that pillow wrinkles on your face give a feeling to others that you have just gotten up from you sleep; regardless you may have been awake for hours. It is not particularly easy to get rid of the pillow creases all by yourself. Even a good bath does not remove them completely. If there is an important place you have to be in some time, it will be pretty awkward carrying the pillow wrinkles around. No matter how well you dress up, the pillow wrinkles will rob you of your elegance. There are certain ways in which you can get these creases removed pretty quickly.

Get Rid of Pillow Creases on Your Face

Wash your face with warm water

This is one of the easiest treatments for pillow creases. All you need to do is wash your face with warm water for some time. The creases appear due to reduced blood supply to the affected area. Warm water will increase the blood supply to the affected area and it will help reduce the creases. Warm water will also help the blocked skin pores in opening up and it will further help in reducing the creases.

Face Washing

Apply some moisturizer to the affected area

While washing your face with warm water use a moisturizing soap or a face wash. Gently pat-dry your face with a towel. Once the face has dried up, apply a good quality moisturizer to either only the affected area or the entire face. The moisturizer will hydrate the affected skin area and it will start tightening up. If it doesn’t work at the first go, try it out a few times. You can also apply the moisturizer generously over the affected area but don’t rub it. Let the moisturizer get absorbed by the skin. After about 10 minutes, the moisturizer will automatically disappear along with the creases. If it does not, you can clean it with the towel.

Massage the affected area

Massaging the affected area can also be a good method to quickly remove the pillow creases. You can massage your face using a moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer generously to the affected area and massage it gently with your fingers moving them in circles. Massage like this for 5-10 minutes and you will see good results. This simple process of massaging will increase the blood flow to the affected area and help in straightening the skin. Make sure that you do not massage your face too hard otherwise it will cause redness which may take some time to go. Massaging is an old and effective technique for the treatment of a lot of problems.

Apply Aloe Vera Extracts

Did you know that you could grow Aloe Vera plant in your courtyard or backyard and even in a flower pot on your balcony? Aloe Vera has been dubbed as one of the best natural treatment for a lot of skin problems. It not only treats skin problems but is also very effective for other diseases. If you do not have the Aloe Vera plant in your house you can buy the extract easily from your nearby grocery store. It is widely available now days. When you have the Aloe Vera extract follow the same process of gently massaging the affected area of the skin with it. And don’t forget to get yourself an Aloe Vera plant next time.


Apply a quick face mask

You can do this only if you have some time to spare. There are many face masks available which can be applied to your face and washed away within 15-20 minutes. Pillow creases will reduce considerably upon the application of the facemask as it will pull the skin and tighten it. If you do not have a facemask available at home apply some anti-ageing cream to the affected area and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Anti-ageing cream has antioxidants which can help reduce the wrinkles quickly.

exfoliating face mask for Dark Spots

Let it disappear on its own

If you are not in some really hurry it is better to leave the pillow wrinkles as it is and let them disappear on their own. It doesn’t take more than an hour for them to go away. If you have nowhere to go for an hour you don’t even need to worry about the creases, they will disappear automatically. Use the above treatments only if you are in a hurry.

Additional Tips

The main reason of pillow creases is the pillows. No you don’t need to get rid of the pillows. But wouldn’t it be better if the pillow creases did not appear at all to begin with and you did not have to put in any efforts in removing them? Instead of sleeping on your face or on your stomach if you sleep straight, you will never have wrinkles. This could be easier said than done as the sleeping habits are not formed in a day. They are formed over years of following the same pattern. If you are used to sleeping on your stomach or side, you will not find it easy sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your back does have its advantages speaking ergonomically but if it is a lot of hassle for you, you can instead use the treatments. Maybe it will be less of a hassle as compared to giving up your sleeping habits.