How To Get Rid of Pubic Hair For Men

It seems to be very disgusting for men to roam around with a very thick thatch of pubic hair. These are thick, long and dense which may at times make you feel insecure. It is not hygienic. You may also end up with losing your confidence and esteem.

Why get rid of pubic hair?

It may lead to problems like the following

Odours: sweat, urine and semen can get a part of your pubic hair and can result into an odour
Infections: Lice and mice can make their home at your pubic hair. They can lead to many skin diseases.
Insecurities: this may make your partner feel insecure.

Pubic hair styles

Natural style: refers to the one which is untrimmed, uncut and unshaven
Patches: This means to the shaved pubic hair but some trimmed pubic hair on the area above the penis.
Trimmed pubic hair: These are uniformly cut and have an even length.
Brazilian treatment: this means to have waxes and depilatories which can be applied at your scrotum which may help you to remove them completely
Shaped patches: These are the ones which can be opted for to form decorative patches above your penis


Trimming of pubic hair is also a good option if somebody wants a clean and shaved look. Tools like soap, water, towel, electric shaver and trimming scissors can also be used. For this you may first wash your pubic region using soap and water. Use a towel to dry that region. Then you may shave off the excess hair. Take care not to wound or cut any portion. Then again wash the region with soap and water.


This option can also be opted to get rid of those unwanted hair, but shaving may also seem tricky as well as complicated to some men. The tools which can be used for this process may be soap, water, towel, shaving cream, electric shaver and a sharp straight razor. The first step is to wash the pubic area using soap and water. Dry that area using a towel. You need to shave off the excess hair at the very first take and then try to go as close to the skin as possible. Also use some shaving cream and you can also use a straight razor if possible.


Waxing is also a good option to get rid of those unwanted pubic hair. Many of the cosmetic clinics also provide services to remove the unwanted pubic hair, as well as, you can also go for the waxing kits which are available at the pharmacies. Firstly you need to check the package instructions and also the ingredients which are being constituents of it, so that they do not cause any reactions at your body. Do follow the instructions also. It would be rather beneficial for you to test that waxing treatment at your hip rather than on pubic area.

Depilatories and Electrolysis

If you do not want to use those waxing kits then you can opt for these lotions and creams which are very effective and cause no side effects.