How To Get Rid of Pubic Hair

By Subodh / May 12, 2011

Chances are if you are now looking for a way to learn how to get rid of pubic hair you want to get rid of a bikini line. Either that or your partner likes the clean-shaven or well-trimmed look.

Preliminary Concerns

Before you try to have pubic hairs removed you may want to discuss this issue with your partner. The reasons why your partner wants you to get rid of this genital hair growth should be of top interest.

You should realize that removing all of your hair down under means you will later have to wear underwear made of a breathable material. If you do not let the air in you may feel uncomfortable and irritated, and if you are a woman you could be at greater risk of yeast infection.

Removing Pubic Hair

Trimming this area involves one of a variety of methods. Shaving or waxing is two of the most common removal methods. You could also use a tweezers, but beware this could be more painful and time consuming than waxing or shaving.

An additional way of getting rid of pubic hair would be to use scissors. However, this requires some extra coordination, so if you want to do this yourself you should instead try using a high-quality beard trimmer.
The method you choose is a very personal decision. Here are some steps to removing your pubic hair at home using a beard trimmer:

  1. Soak in a hot bath-This will help soften up your skin and hair. As a result, shaving would be much easier.
  2. Gently scrub your private area. You can use a gentle exfoliating cleanser or a loofah sponge and water. This helps get rid of all the dead skin cells.
  3. Trim with a scissors. You can use a scissors or trimmer to cut your pubic hair as short as you can. This will prevent you from clogging your longer hair in a trimmer.
  4. Lubricate your private area. Use scalp conditioner, or try a shaving cream, gel, or lotion. The area should be lathered up quite nice to help prevent burning or redness.
  5. Begin shaving. Use one hand to pull your skin tight. Then, use the other hand to shave slowly, moving in the direction of the growth versus against it. For best results, use a new razor every time you do this. As you are shaving you may have to tap the blade or trimming surface on the side of the tub periodically to force it out.
  6. After shaving: Run an ice cube over your skin. This will help close up your skin pores in order to prevent bacterial infection or skin discomfort. Then, apply a moisturizer to help keep your freshly-shaved skin smooth.

Shaving Styles

If you do not want to go completely bare there are many styles of shaving that are appropriate for both men and women. For instance, a man can shape is hair into the “uniform trim” style which essentially just requires all the hair to be cut to a uniform length. A man may also enjoy the “patch” look which leaves a man completely bare except for a spot above his penis and pubic bone.

For a woman, she might just shave a “landing strip” which is a stripe of hair from above her pubic bone to the opening of her vulva. She might also have her hair above her pubic bone shaved into a triangle. Another option is the “bikini line” shave which ensures her hair is not showing outside her swimsuit bottom.