How To Get Rid of Small Lips

A pair of thick lips symbolizes a great kisser. Angelina Jolie’s lips make her sexier and more seductive than the any other Hollywood star. Everyone is not blessed with such attractive lips. But now there is no more problem to have such lips, you can have them by different methods such as Botox and many more.

Create an Illusion

Now a days, small lips can be made look bigger with the help of various make up techniques. They won’t look as succulent or as pretty as natural ones, but your facial appearance will get better. The deception is to create an illusion with the help of shades and colors, and hence people think, you have larger lips. But for this technique, you have to examine your face, mainly your skin tone and lip alliance before proceeding.

  • Pinkish Red Lip Gloss and Glossy Pencil – Larger lips illusion can be created with the amalgamation of a pinkish red lipstick and a glossy pencil. The dash of pink shade gives you a natural look, in contrast of dark shades. Use the pencil to make the outline and a light layer on your lips.
  • Vaseline and the Toothbrush – Vaseline is a strange solution, because it isn’t normally put on the lips, but it works. Apply and distribute evenly the lotion on your lips. When you are done, scrub your lips flippantly with a toothbrush for few minutes. You will then become aware of that your lips are smoother and apparently larger. Repeat this procedure three to four times a week for best results.
  • Maintain a Pout – People having big bellies can look lean by tucking in their tummies, then you can have larger lips by maintaining a pout. The lips will look fleshy, given the way they’re placed. Red lipstick or a brighter hue can be applied to complete the illusion and make sure that a pout looks more pleasing than funny on your face. Remember, a pout does not go well with all facial types.

Things to Avoid

  • Dark Lip Gloss – Bright, clear and very slightly dark hues are advisable for women having smaller lips. If you use Dark lip gloss your lips look smaller.
  • Flaky Lips – Your lips should be smooth if you are keen to have larger lips.

If you don’t get desired result then you can go for some cosmetic surgery. After, applying pinkish red lip gloss and a glossy pencil, rub some Vaseline over it. Do a lasting pout if it suits you. You should look appealing sexy after the application. If you’re still not contented, your last options will be cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

Botox is the way of getting genuine large lips, without creating any illusions. The operation may be expensive and has several slight risks, but you will get desired result, if it is done properly. The collagen-based substance injected in your lips, which effectively raises and enlarges them. Keep an eye on your lips from time to time. If you seem any problem in them, then consult your doctor immediately.