How To Get Rid of Split Nails

By Subodh / October 12, 2009

A set of glamorized fingernails are parts of any modish wardrobe. The tinted talons are matched with the colors and patterns of dresses, adding together a touch of refinement to your grooming personality. So what happens if one of your fingernails brings upon yourself damage, specifically splitting open from the tip to across its surface? If you want to hide it with nail polish it will infect the wound while letting it heal on its own, purely looks too tacky. Good thing is that you have many other options to purge of split nails.

Wound and Breakage

When you have a crack nail, you have to deal with two problems at a time. You have to deal with the wound underneath the nail, which is at first painful, then you also have to take care of that the breakage does not develop any further. Keeps the nail sparkling at all times to keep away from the risk of infection.

split nails

Treating the Wound

The wound is closely related to the fingernail. So if the nail touches with any object, the wound starts to worsen, and can be infected easily. You should take care of the nail properly and do the necessary actions to clean and sanitize the wound. Just after splitting your nail, it should wash it with soap and water. Apply a topical cream then enfold it in a bandage to keep it free from germs.

Materials Used:

  • antibacterial soap
  • water
  • hand towel
  • anti-inflammatory ointment
  • bandage or adhesive strip


  1. Just after the splitting of your nail, wash it with soap properly
  2. Then Rinse your hands carefully using a soft hand towel.
  3. Let your hands dry and then apply an ample amount of topical ointment to avoid any type of infection.
  4. Wrap your finger with an adhesive strip.
  5. Repeat this course of action everyday. Follow the routine everyday in until the wound has completely healed.

If your wound gets contaminated, you must seek advice from your doctor. He will open the nail, so the abrasion can “breathe”. Special ointments can be applied, like an antibiotic, to treat the infection. The wound should be gone soon, if you consistently follow your doctor’s orders.

For Serious Cases – Consult Your Doctor

Nails that tear violently should be hurried to the doctor. Ordinary washing and anti-inflammatory ointments may not be enough to take care of the nail trauma. Only the doctor has knowledge to tackle and able to address the worst cases. Aside from the pricking pain and numbness that comes with the tear, be watchful for definite signs on your split nails that may indicate something serious. Some details are given below that you should watch out for:

  • blood below the nail
  • pus
  • extreme tenderness followed by numbness
  • noteworthy swelling of the fingertip (might be a wrecked bone)

After consulting the doctor, and going back home, apply an ice bag wrapped in cloth to the crack nail. The cold will relieve the pain and inflammation, causing the lesion to heal much faster.