How To Get Rid of Stomach Hair

By Subodh / November 19, 2009

Are you ashamed of wearing two pieces or going topless because of ugly stomach hair lining your belly? If you want to lose your stomach hairs but feel unsure about the right way to go about it, then you should definitely try a few tried and tested methods which work splendidly. Just try out the methods that are discussed, because these are probably the best set of methods which would help you reduce and diminish the number of your stomach hairs.

So, the following are the easiest methods to lose your stomach hair.

  1. Get the noticeable amount of hair on your stomach shaved off and do this every once in a while to maintain it. Use a good quality lubricating gel or baby oil to make sure the hair gets cut even. You can also use warm water before cutting to relax the strong holds that clench around the roots of your hair. One word of advice should be heeded: gentleness counts. You should be gentle because your stomach is not exactly the flat plane you would want it to be. Even washboard abs has ups and downs and the goal here is to be gentle.
  2. Consider a bout of plucking off your stomach hair. Yes, the procedure may hurt a bit, but it is perfectly safe and really cost effective (all you need is a pair of tweezers and you are set) and it is relatively simple. Just pluck out the hairs you would like to remove from strategic areas. Use some sort of soft cream to make sure the pores relax their hold.
  3. Use a depilatory cream which can smoothly melt the root tip and loosen the hair so that it comes right off. This is quite a long-lasting procedure and makes your skin look silky and quite pretty. There are quite a few reputed brands in town. You should contemplate using them to lose your stray hairs.
  4. You can go for a bout of laser treatment. Although it is expensive, it actually goes through the skin and burns the roots of the hair, so that the hair is literally killed in the root. This reduces the chances of further hair growth significantly, and actually reduces the number of hair growing.

5. Have you considered waxing? Sure, it is slightly painful a procedure, but it does have its advantages. You can remove quite a good bit of stomach hair in one go, and if you are in a hurry, waxing is probably your best bet. Use a reputed company’s waxing kit, or waxing strips available in the market. Both hot and cold wax helps remove unwanted hair from your body.
6. You can also use electrolysis to remove the unwanted hair on your tummy. This cleans up the insides of your body pretty fast, and your body looks beautiful and sexy.

So, if you are thinking of getting rid of your stomach hairs, then use one of these procedures and look better and feel great.