How To Get Rid of Styes In A Day

Did you wake up having blurred vision? You may be wondering why your eyelid feels so heavy compared to the eyelid of your other eye. Then upon looking at the mirror, you find out that you have stye on your eye. You don’t need to shout or be scared about this condition. However, you need to be worried about how you had this condition. Styes are caused by bacteria. This infection can be very bothersome not only because of the swelling that will somehow impede the normal movement of your eye and eyelids, but also because of the pain that you will experience. There may be many remedies to fix this problem about styes as quick as possible, but there are only a few that actually work and show you results in the least time possible.

The first you need to consider is that Stye are bacterial infections that would affect the sebaceous glands within your eyelids. As a first step to ensuring full and safe recovery from this condition, you need to avoid puncturing it. Your hand might itch thinking that stye can be remedied by simply puncturing it and just sacrificing a little amount of time for the pain upon puncture. But this will just make things worse. When you puncture stye, the bacteria inside will just be released through the released fluid. This will just make the infection spread or even transfer to your other eye. You don’t want to end up having two affected eyes, right?

Simply follow these pointers to avoid and get rid of stye:

1. Since stye are bacterial infections, you may want to evaluate your hygiene and immune system. You can modify your diet as well as your lifestyle in order to strengthen your immune system. Get enough sleep, eat right, and ensure proper hygiene.

2. Make use of the power of heat. Simply use a clean piece of cloth and soak it in warm water. Then apply the cloth to your stye directly. The heat can speed up the healing process of your stye. It can also relieve you of the pain from the swelling. Simply make sure that the cloth you use in applying heat to your affected eye is clean. This will ensure that you are not adding insult to injury.

3. Make sure to wash and dry the affected area regularly. Leaving the affected area wet will just promote bacterial growth. If your eyes produce tears, you do not need to wipe it because our tears have a bactericidal effect.

4. If ever symptoms persist, make sure to consult a specialist instead of trying out anything else and making things worse.

Remember that styes can be very irritating and disturbing especially when we have our daily responsibilities. This is why it would always be best to be on the side of prevention rather than on the side of seeking for a cure that may take quite some time to find.