How To Get Rid of White Spots On Nails

Some people panic at the first sign of white appearing on their fingernails. There is no need to worry but you can remove them if you would like, though they eventually grow out over time.

The downside is if you let your nails grow out in order for white spots to disappear this could take months. By the way, the kinds of white spots we are referring to include the ones that unfortunately come from slamming a finger in a car door.

Note: The half-moons that appear at the base of you nails are not the white spots described in this article. Those spots are natural and everyone has them, other kinds of spots on the nails are present for one of many reasons, as described in the next section.


White spots on the nails appear for a variety of reasons, one of which of course is car door accidents as mentioned already. Another reason that this problem occurs is because of an allergic reaction to artificial nails, nail hardeners, or nail enamels used.

The method by which a professional manicurist grooms your natural nails may be one of the reasons white spots appear. One cause of concern in this case would be that a white spot could be a yeast or fungal infection spread because the nail salon specialist has poor hygiene.

Germs can also enter your nails when you are using a public locker room or gym facilities. It also could be a sign of eczema or psoriasis. Poor diet could also be to blame, as protein, Vitamin E, or zinc deficiencies are often contributing factors, and often so is a calcium deficiency.

Besides letting your nails grow out, here are some additional corrective tips:

  • Just let it heal or go away on its own. Oftentimes the spot will disappear and heal just as would a leg or arm bruise. It may take time but it should help. After a few weeks or a few months you should notice the spots slowly fade away, especially as each affected nail grows.
  • Watch what you eat. You especially should a generous amount of cheese and milk. This will help you get the calcium and protein you need. Lean proteins in moderate amounts would also help keep your nails healthy. Fish is also a great addition to your diet, because it helps correct a vitamin E lack. Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables will help you get enough zinc.
  • Observe proper hygiene. For instance, you should avoid touching dirty objects and you should also keep your nails clean and dry at all times. Also, clean your hands any time you would catch dirt from opening and closing doors or lifting heavy items. Wash after gardening, using the bathroom, or doing the dishes.
  • Cover your nails with nail polish. Even a neutral color could make a difference. However, there are plenty of attractive and professional-looking polish shades that can be used. Be careful though because if you find out you have nail fungus or a bacterial infection the polish could worsen the condition.