How To Get Rid of Yellow Hair

Everybody is not happy with their hair colour. This is the reason for which they bleach them. If bleaching is not done properly then it may damage your hair resulting in yellow hair. These are the ways which may help you to overcome from yellow hair.

The mystery behind yellow hair

Yellow hair is a colour which is caused due to iron. The body of a human needs iron in its redox reaction. The more iron you have in your body it determines your hair colour. You can consult a hair stylist who may help you to overcome from hair colour which you do not desire of.

Toning out

Wide ranges of toners are also available in the market. Some toners that are available in the market are in liquid form which can be put on with the help of cotton buds. These toners work out in such a way that they replace the original colour of your hair. These toners make your hair to give a more original appearance than compared to the bleached hair.

Experimenting with toners

If you think that you are bold and that you can try out different colours over your head then you can go for it. You can go for sporting blue and purple colours for a few weeks that can change your looks. But making your own toner that is available at the cosmetic shops is relatively cheaper than the ones that are available in the beauty salons. If you want to make dark metallic colour then you need to combine one part of light ash blonde, two parts of platinum and one gram of blue concentrate. If you want to have a look which makes you to look blonde in its best then you need to use conditioners and hair shampoos that use violet or blue base dyes.

Do it in a natural way

If you want a homemade remedy for your hair treatment then it is also the cheapest as it uses all natural products. You need a clean empty shampoo bottle and make a mixture in it by adding three portions of vinegar and one portion of water into it. You can use this mixture after washing and before conditioning your hair. You need to wrap your hair up in a towel and then you have to leave the mixture in your hair for at least fifteen minutes or more if you desire that for sure. You also need to bear the smell of the vinegar as it is a homemade remedy. The acidic property of vinegar is to corrode most metals like iron so; it strips the pigment out of your hair. So it is sense if you use nature’s therapy to get rid of the yellow hair. It is recommended that you shampoo your hair again so as to get the vinegar smell off your hair, and then conditioning is also indispensable.

Hence, if now you need to get rid of your yellow hair then you have a lot of alternatives available with you knowing it’s all advantages as well as disadvantages.