How To Rock A Pixie Cut

Everyone who’s anyone has been rocking one these days, from Jennifer Lawrence to Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus to Beyonce. We’re not talking about the latest designer bags or shoes (though they probably have those too), we’re talking about the awesome hair-definitely-do of the season: the pixie cut. This tiny tress trend has been seen on quite a number of Hollywood heads recently, giving every girl out there serious second thoughts about whether they should chop their locks or not.

If you’re one of those thinking about getting this fabulous ‘do for yourself, you’ve come to the right read. There are a few important things you need to know before you proceed with this pretty little cut, and we’ve got them all right here.

Who Can Wear One?

The first and most pivotal question most women are asking is, who can actually wear a pixie cut?

According to celebrity hairstylist Anh Co Tran, just about any face shape can pull off a pixie cut, but not every girl can. “It just takes a bit of confidence!” says Anh. Celebrity stylist Angelo David Pisacreta agrees: “Confidence in owning the look is key in pulling it off.” Pixie cuts are not for those who prefer to shy away unseen; they are for those who like to step out, are confident in their looks and are not dependent on their locks as their source of beauty. With a pixie cut there’s no hair to hide behind, and all the features of the face can be better seen.
Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, you can wear a pixie cut as long as you’ve got the confidence to wear it, and you choose the right type of cut for your face. Round and square-shaped faces look better with longer styles that frame the face with some added height on top to make the face look slimmer. Heart-shaped faces look better with shorter cuts that balance out the face and keep the attention away from the jawline. Oval or elongated faces can basically wear a pixie cut any which way, but would look best with longer strands around the sides and back.

Styling Short

Contrary to what most may think, pixie cuts offer quite a number of styling options. Though quite short, you can always add shape, texture and volume to this style with the right hair tools and products. For starters, girls with stick straight pixies can curl their strands or ruffle them up with a curling product for a nice, laid back tousled finish. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can use a hair straightener to create a sleeker look.

One of the most flattering ways to wear a pixie cut is to comb over one side of the hair to create a deep side part. This will shape the face better and add a touch of femininity to an otherwise boyish look. Hair accessories, like jewelled headbands and clips, also add adorable femininity to this ‘do.

If you’re up for something edgier, you can always wear your pixie in a punk, almost faux-hawk like style with the top strands going upward and forward using a root booster product or clay. You can also try a fabulous pompadour for more formal events by applying mouse to the top strands and letting them dry backwards before sweeping them up and over the head for a sleek yet volumised look.

Key Tips & Tricks

To make sure your pixie cut looks good on you and keeps on looking good long after the first cut, try on some wigs first to see which style suits you best. Go online and search for salons that specialise in pixie cuts or ask friends or acquaintances who have got great pixie cuts where they got theirs done.

Once you’ve got it, make sure to have it trimmed every four to six weeks to retain its shape, and always keep your face looking clean and your makeup flawless. Your face will always be the highlight with this hairdo, so make sure it looks its best.

And last but certainly not least, always wear a lot of confidence and exude the best attitude when sporting your pixie cut. When you’ve got these, you’re sure to rock that pixie no matter what.