How To Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine

By Subodh / February 25, 2014

A good start always helps you accomplish much more during the day. Not all of us manage to start the day with a jump-start. Most of us wake up grumpy and disheveled setting a bad tone for the rest of the day. Looking and feeling good can make a whole lot of difference to how you start your daily business. In these stressful times, you may wonder how to speed up you morning beauty routine so you can set the tone for the rest of the day. Here are a few pointers that can help you take control of your time and start your day looking slick and in control.

Early to Bed Early to Rise

The beauty routine aims to bring about a natural glow in your skin and body. But if you haven’t had a proper sleep, no amount of external factors can bring your natural beauty out. So get your beauty sleep. Monitor your sleep hours and follow the age-old advice of sleeping on time. Too much sleep or too little sleep can make your eyes look puffy. Waking up early also puts you on top of things giving you enough time for your beauty routine. Waking up before the rest of your family gives you an extra hour that you can devote to yourself and follow your regimen in peace.

Morning Beauty Routine

Follow Your Night Beauty Regimen

A good idea is to use the unproductive night hours for some part of your beauty regimen. You can paint your toenails at night so you can take your time and try out all the shades and apply a double coat if your wish to. If you do this in a rush, you are likely to spill the paint or do a dodgy job. You can peacefully do these chores while having a quiet chat with your loved one or watching television at night.

It is also a good idea to apply night cream that works wonders during the night for your skin. You shall wake up with a happy skin! Oiling your hair overnight is also recommended in certain cultures as a great way to provide natural nourishment to the hair roots.

Eat Light For Dinner

You are what you eat. If you eat a heavy dinner before sleep you may wake up with an upset stomach or even an occasional zit on your face. This may delay your morning beauty routine. Also binging excessively into alcohol can affect your morning wake up look. Drink alcohol during the day if you have to, so that the body has time to digest the alcohol and flush it out of the system. Waking up hung-over can definitely add hours to your morning beauty regimen.

Emotional Release

Sleeping on a sad note or withholding your emotions during sleep can make you restless and give you a bad morning look. Make an effort to release your emotions. You could talk to someone before sleeping or maybe even write a journal to get your emotional release. Praying before sleeping and after waking up can help you with emotional release and add inner glow to your bearing.

Good Sex Can Give You a Natural Rush

A night of passionate lovemaking definitely can help you skip a few steps in your beauty regimen. Get that natural rush thinking about the love and blessings you rejoice in and radiate your inner glow throughout the day.

Beauty at Breakfast Table

If you are running late for your morning beauty routine, you can use a few items on the breakfast table on your body. Raw fruits that you cut for your breakfast can be applied on the face to rejuvenate the face. So go ahead and give yourself an all-natural fruit facial.

If you need to remove your tan, you can use milk and honey to wash your face. Use cucumbers to treat puffy eyes. Eggs can be used as hair conditioners. You can also mix cocoa powder with cinnamon to make a natural bronzer for your cheeks. Use the olive oil or almond oil on your skin instead of soap and feel naturally refreshed.

You may avoid sugar in your morning tea or coffee, but rubbing sugar on your skin can be a great way to tighten up your skin.

Top Ups On The Drive

A good way to save time on your beauty regimen to use up the time during the drive to work for your make up and top ups. Instead of just sitting idle in the traffic light, use this time to apply your hand cream and lip balm.

A bad start of the day is likely to affect your mood and your vibrations and set a bad note for the rest of the day to come. Sometimes when you wake grumpy you may start expecting the things to go bad and the universe shall conspire to do just that! Running late for work can also spoil the note of the day for you. The added stress can make you burn your toast, spill the coffee and missing your morning bus.

So use these simple tips and look and feel your very best in the morning and have a fabulous day ahead.