How To Spray Tan For The Perfect Celebrity Look

Getting a spray tan is a great way to maintain a gorgeous look all while not having to worry about the cancer that can come with a tanning booth. The problem is, if you do not do the right way it will be very difficult for you to have a good looking tan all because of a few innocent mistakes.

There are two main methods for getting a spray tan and these are the home and salon. We will cover both of these options you have available, but also include some spray tan tips to help guarantee you have the proper tan.

A salon spray tan is an option that many people take advantage of. The reason so many people take advantage of this is the tan is applied by professionals. Now this may not be the most cost effective method, but it is a method which works for many people.


Home spray tanning is also a great option if you are more of the do it yourself type of person. However, this can come with dangers that you may have not considered before and one of the major ones is not getting the tan you want to have. For example, when you use the home spray tanning products it can be hard for you to get your back, in between your shoulder blades, and even in other areas which may be visible on the beach. So you can have difficulty in getting the even tan you want to have and this is if you even use the best spray tan product or spray tan tips to help you avoid this problem. On the other side, though, you will see this is a great way for you to save quite a bit of money, be able to complete the tan yourself, and even get the job done when you are in a time crunch.

Spray Tan Tips for the Home or Salon

Here are some spray tan tips which will help you in getting the best tan you want to have without having to worry about cancer or even being burnt to a crisp to get the color you want to have.

  1. Wait a minimum of five hours before you get anywhere near water. Now some water cannot be avoided like rain, but if possible you will want to stay out of the water for at least this long. Doing that will allow the bronzer to work better on your skin and get the tan tone you want to have.
  2. Make sure you follow all the different preparation instructions properly. By following all of these instructions, it will allow you to have a longer lasting tan. Then you will not have to be concerned about the tan wearing off quickly. Without doing this, it is easy for the tan to wear off quickly and then you will have to go back after just a few days to get the tan back to the level you want it to reach.
  3. Moisturizing your skin can be easy to do, but it is often overlooked because it may not seem like it is important. This is one mistake you will want to avoid because the extra moisture will make it easier for your skin to absorb the tanning solution.
  4. When you are going to the tanner you need to carefully pick your clothing. Now you already know some areas are hard to reach, but you should pick out your clothes carefully because this can help ensure you get the areas you want visible tanned. For example it would not do you any good to get tanned in a parka if you plan on going to the beach in a bikini later on that week. The reason for this is the parka will cover most of the areas you would want to have tanned.
  5. Make sure you blot your skin to find any of the drops you may have on your skin. These blots are what will create the terrible look some people have and make it look spotty. By getting rid of the blots, though, you will not have these issues anymore and then you can have the great even look you want to have.
  6. If doing the work yourself you will want to make sure that you wear gloves. When you use gloves it will keep your hands looking great, but also help you avoid the staining on your hands making them orange in color.
  7. Stand still while applying this. If you start to move while this is being applied it will be harder for you to get the great look you want to have, but also some areas can be missed. So you need to make sure that you can stay still while the spray tan is being applied to your body.

Tanning in a bed can be dangerous for your health because it can cause cancer, just as the sun can. This is when you need to realize a spray tan may be the safest solution available for you to use. Once you see this, you may need to have some spray tan tips to ensure you are getting the best looking tan available at a price you can afford. Something else which will help you out is to know some information about the salon spray tans versus the home spray tans.

Once you have this and the spray tan tips, it will be easy for you to have the great look you want to have, without having to worry about the potential cancer you can get from a tanning bed.