How To Climb The Corporate Ladder In Heels

Despite the advancement of women in business, they have always and are still faced with unique challenges. As more women rise through the ranks as executives and entrepreneurs, they must choose either to follow the traditional trajectory or attempt to make their own path. This can be a daunting prospect for many women since there seems to be a lack of mentoring available to them.

Life Coaching

One solution for women is to realize and strengthen their goals by engaging a life coach. Life coaches can be found online, like the resource of the Noomii executive coach directory, where you will be able to access the expertise of a coach in your area. With coaching guidance and support, professional women are more apt to identify their goals and align them with their personal lives.

Using special communication processes and exercises, life coaches help women to discover their own value so that it can be communicated effectively to others. Women in corporate environments, business owners and entrepreneurs can then learn to feel comfortable promoting themselves to move their careers and companies forward.



Even women who have top level experience and business concepts will not succeed unless they are able to effectively position themselves. People can only realize their full potential when they are able to be recognized. For men, this has always been a given. For women, it has been a much trickier process, given that so many parts of society tend to continue to view women in less powerful business roles.


Life coaches help women recognize what exactly is holding them back from achieving their career goals. For instance, some women are hesitant to promote themselves or their business due to a sense of awkwardness. Others may be waiting for someone else to recognize them in order to earn business. To overcome these limiting beliefs, life coaches use techniques designed to build confidence.

Social Media Etiquette

Much has been said in the news and other media about how an individual’s social media presence can affect their business reputation. People are essentially considered a representative of a company, therefore they are expected to maintain a certain level of respect in social circles. Below are some guidelines to consider when using social media.

1. Safeguard Your Online Brand

Women should think of themselves as they would an entity. Everything that a person does and says online is very well recorded, often for eternity. Consumers and business people alike make decisions based upon how someone appears and presents themselves online. Therefore, think of every action as something that would be done in person. Refrain from negative or questionable behavior and focus upon the positive.

2. Respond To Inquiries And Comments.  

When negative comments appear related to business, try to work it out to a satisfactory resolution. If personal commentary appears that is not flattering, it should be removed from personal pages on networks like Facebook. If not, it is still sometimes possible to work things out to have the comment removed. Keep in mind that making snarky comments or reacting to negativity only worsens the situation. When it is something random from a stranger, consider shutting down the account if possible.

Women have realized that the old success blueprint of yesteryear does not work solely on its own in today’s competitive marketplace. This is why the assistance of a life coach can be so essential. In this way, women are more able to isolate and define their goals to reach their full potential, while being fluid enough to also enjoy a balanced and enriched personal life.