How To Get Rid of a Screen Saver

Sometimes when you are not using the computer for a long time and if the computer is idle then in that case those irritating screen savers will come on the monitor. Some screen savers show flowers while other show fishes moving around the screen. Even while you have turned off the screen, those screen savers come on the screen while the computer is idle.

But do you know that screen savers use lot of the CPU time and the over all energy. Also, these screen savers make the monitor’s life short. And when the server is too busy, this screen saver will really be a problem. But thanks to the LCD monitors, that the need for screen savers have been removed.

For some users screen savers are really irritating and a cause of annoyance. Now, if you wish to remove the screen saver the here’s the guideline:

The following things you will be required to do if you want to remove the screen saver:

  • Have a right click on the desktop
  • Then go to properties
  • In display window click on the tab of screen saver
  • Choose None
  • And then click OK

And if you want to delete the screen savers from your system then in that case if you are using windows go in the following manner:

  • Click Start
  • Go to settings
  • Go to control panel
  • Click on add/Remove programs
  • Choose tab of window set up
  • Then click on Accessories button and then details button
  • Click on screen savers and again click on details
  • On the list of screen savers untick everything and click OK thrice
  • This act removes screen savers from the system

If the screen saver has been part of any software then in that case you must find out program files. Then go to Add/Remove programs and click on the remove programs when the list of screen savers appears.

The best thing is that you may remove screen savers even manually from the system. First click on Start and then press on Search. If there is an option of advanced search then click on it. Find out .scr or *.scr. This will give you list of files with extension. Locate the required folder and delete screen savers manually. But be very careful while deleting manually. If you delete wrong files then there will be a problem. It is vital to ask for professional help or call up a computer engineer or else you may ruin your system.

Some of the computers have inbuilt screen savers due to the policy of the company. In such a case it would be apt to talk to the IT administrator. He will explain you as to how to uninstall the unwanted screen saver.

Many online programs claim that they help in removing the screen saver. What is required is just downloading them. But beware or you may entertain or invite the virus.

The best thing to save power is to turn off the monitor when you are not using it. This will save the power in real manner.