How to Get Rid of an Overheating CPU

By Subodh / June 13, 2010

Since computer has become the thing of daily necessity it is vital to keep it in the tip top condition so that while you are working you do not face any problem. For so many people, it works as the source of study. And for many it is the way of earning money.

You may be doing so many different things to make your computer perfect and protected. But that’s not enough. You may be using anti virus software and all. But that is only the half protection. The major problem and the most ignored one is the over heating of computer. You must remember that computer is an electrical and electronic device and thus it generates heat. It is worth noting that the CPU contains hardware like a motherboard, a processor, a hard disk and they all have heat generating capacity.

Here are some of the causes of overheated CPU:

1. Blockage of air flow: If there is improper airflow due to maladjusted cables and wires then it may cause over heating of CPU.
2. Improper Fans: If the computer fans are not in the good condition then it may cause overheating of CPU. It is worth noting that dust and dirt can also cause blockage of fan and thus it is vital to get the CPU serviced at regular intervals.
3. Over clocking: If you are using over clocking techniques for increasing performance of your CPU then in that case you must also install a special cooling system for that.

There are a few dangers that are associated with over heating of CPU. And these include making the computer’s life short, melting the device or plastic components etc. It may also cause fire if not taken proper care. In case if the CPU stays over heated then it starts consuming more energy. In case if there is over heating of CPU then there will be certain symptoms like abrupt shut down, frequent restarts, noisy fans and sudden noise of exhausts.

Overheating of computer can cause whole lot of problems. It can even damage the PC. So, there are a few ways with which you can protect your CPU from getting over heated. Clean the CPU. Use a brush and clean the CPU. It will keep the dust and dirt away and remove all the blockages that are present. You must invest some money in appropriate cooling systems. If you want you can even rearrange the cables so that air flow is not restricted. It is also vital to change the location of your computer and place it in the area which has ample of air flow and so over heating can be restricted.

There is one more way and that is open the case of CPU and then keeps a fan facing the CPU. Let the air come directly and cool off the computer’s CPU. This will also help in keeping away dust and dirt. You may use any of the ways that are mentioned to make your CPU cool.