How To Get Rid of Dust In Your Cpu

Dust build up that gathers inside the CPU can be an unprecedented problem if left without checking for extended periods of time. It is all too frequent for someone to be concerned about having the software to protect their information from viruses, but it is almost unheard of people being as concerned about dust build up that may be collecting in their CPU.

Dust build-up consequences

Cooling fans do not work effectively any longer. Large amounts of dust will accumulate and may slow down the inner workings of the cooling fans inside the case of the CPU. This may result in overheating from the dust build up.

Heat sinks do not work effectively any longer. Dust build up can very quickly become a problem in a heat sink, which may cause it not to work as well as it possibly could, leaving it unable to properly eliminate heat from the CPU case.
Damage to internal parts – Not forgetting the regular dirt and grime that enters your CPU case, dust build up can be a major cause of damage to the metallic interior of your CPU. All parts may be affected by this.

All the above can force you to eventually replace your computer and shorten its prospective lifespan by months, perhaps even years. Dust is not only a problem in itself, but it also traps other problem substances like moisture and every day dirt and grime.

Causes of the build up of dust

There are several ways in which dust can find its way to the inside of your CPU. Although the fans are usually there to help, they can also draw everyday household dirt into the CPU. These everyday hazards include:

Pet fur – this can be a problem as the large fibrous material finds it extremely easy to find its way into the CPU and cause big problems thanks to its size and ability to get stuck everywhere.

Dusty rooms – it is important to frequently dust the room in which the computer sits, and especially the area around it. The dustier a room is, the more likely the fan is going to suck it into the CPU and cause dust build up.

Treating dust infected computers and prevention

There are several ways in which you can clean the dust out of your computer case. If you would like to do so manually, you will have to remove the side of the computer casing yourself with a screwdriver. You can use materials such as a vacuum to suck the dust out of the inside of the CPU. Canned air is also available to do the same job, but the other way around – be careful however that it doesn’t simply land elsewhere and cause even more problems. Ensure that most of the dust is removed from important internal hardware components before finally closing the CPU case back up again. However, you should always remember to be safe. Take out the power cord first and be weary of all delicate wires and cabling while cleaning in order to keep you and your computer safe.

In order to prevent dust getting into your computer, you should make sure that it is in a clean environment that is cleaned regularly and dusted or the room swept. The best way to prevent dust build up is to check the room and the immediate area surrounding your computer regularly, as well as checking inside the CPU every few weeks to make sure dust build up is not present.