How To Get Rid of Swollen Ankles

By Subodh / June 12, 2010

A sprained ankle which is also referred as rolled ankle and ankle ligament injury, sometimes lead to swollen ankles. This medical condition is very serious. The anterior talofibular ligament is one of the most common health ailments. And this condition may lead to swelling. Swelling of organs is caused due to accumulation of excess fluids in the area which is affected.

It is vital to get rid of swollen ankles or else it will lead to more problems. Here are a few ways of getting rid of swollen ankles:

  1. See an orthopedic: It is vital to seek medical help from an orthopedic doctor. Physical therapy or medical therapies will be useful in treating swollen ankles. As soon as injury occurs, the patient must receive doctor’s help.
  2. Take enough rest: Even doctors recommend that rest should be taken when there is problem of swollen ankles.
  3. Ice therapy: It is vital to use ice pack on swollen ankles. This will give some amount of relief.
  4. Braces and crutches: In the first 24 hours the injury is at its critical stage. And therefore it is recommended to put minimum pressure on the ankles. You may use braces as well as the crutches.
  5. Compression method: This method uses wrapping the area of injury with out cutting off the blood circulation.
  6. Elevation therapy: It is recommended that the ankle must be kept in the elevated position.
  7. Heat treatments: These treatments will help to make the tissues loose and improve the circulation of blood.

swollen ankle

Normally, all such remedies must help out the swollen ankles. But in case if pain and symptoms are still there you may consult your doctor and tell him to prescribe you a pain killer. But if the ankle is too bad even after several weeks of treatment then there are chances that the vein has become hepatic and there might be some critical problem like kidney problem or liver disease. See the doctor immediately.

There are a few things that you need to do in order to keep swelling of ankles at bay. And this includes the following:

  1. Drink lots of water: Staying hydrates helps a lot. Also stay away from caffeine and smoking habit.
  2. Sleep properly: While you are sleeping just keep in mind that you have a good posture and also you have a good quality of sleep.
  3. Massages: You can ask your spouse or partner to give you a massage on your foot. This will give you some amount of feel good factor. It is quite relaxing and keeps away the swelling problems due to better blood circulation.
  4. Pregnancy related swelling: If ankles have swollen on account of pregnancy then it would be better to stay hydrated. Have at least 12 glasses of water everyday and you will be surprised with the results.

Do not ignore swellings and pains. They indicate something really serious in connection to your health. Take doctor’s advice.