How To Get Rid of Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo Toolbar is actually very useful. It is a cool stuff and offers whole lot of convenience. But the problem is that yahoo toolbar takes good amount of space on your monitor and thus sometimes it gets quite irritating.

New computer will face no speed problems but with yahoo tool bar, old computers will really have significant problem. This is because it will affect the computer’s memory. If you want to get rid of yahoo tool bar then it will make the yahoo site access slower. But it will increase the speed of your computer to a greater extent. Here are a few ways that will help you in dealing with yahoo tool bar.

Removing through Uninstalling

As it is known that yahoo tool bar is convenient in using. It is also quite convenient in all its features including the features of uninstall. Just locate the uninstall button and get rid of the yahoo tool bar at the earliest. What you have to is first locate the pencil icon on the tool bar. And then after that you must look out for the uninstall button. Mostly, it is there on the left side. Find it out and even if you are not getting it use the down arrow key and find the uninstall button and press it. Then click OK. Now, after this will be deleted from your system. And afterwards whenever you want you may add one again through yahoo site.

Removing through Control Panel

There is one more option of removing the yahoo tool bar and this can be done via control panel. Of your operating system, control panel works as the central part of the computer. Most of the computer’s tasks can be changed via control panel’s add/remove programs. So, now if you want to proceed with control panel yahoo toolbar removal then in that case first go to the start option. And then click on settings. After that go to control panel. Now, look for add/remove program option. Then uninstall or remove this program and the click on OK.

You may even opt for disabling the yahoo toolbar with task manager. It requires some amount of tactic as there are so many ways of opening this. If you want you may even seek professional help.

Yahoo toolbar is really very easy and simple to use. You can uninstall it. But it can be reinstalled again. It is really easy to do this. Normally, people do not find any problems while uninstalling and installing the yahoo tool bar. But in case, if you face some problem then the best way to solve the problem is to seek help from the yahoo main site itself. The link is

However, in spite of slow speed people find it convenient to keep yahoo tool bar on their desktop. This is because people need yahoo site every now and then. And so with a tool bar using yahoo functions is lot more simple.

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