How To Clean Floors

By Subodh / January 7, 2011

A well kept room with clean floors enhances the beauty of not only the house but also the room itself and no matter how small the area may be. You directly or indirectly are a reason to make your floor look dirty and nasty. As often you may have noticed that children in your home trends across the room with dirty shoes and if you have pets they dirty it with toilet etc.

Cleaning this mess is always troublesome and tiring but then here you will be guided with easy tips where in you will not only be using cleaners that are not only user friendly but are eco friendly too. These methods are inexpensive and apart from this these are quite resourceful methods.

People use different kinds of kitchen flooring, you may like to have a cork flooring while there are some who prefer slate flooring for their bathroom, and some may prefer linoleum floors. Linoleum floors have their own drawbacks as they are made up of organic materials and can be recycled easily and the look of these linoleum floors are green these floors are inexpensive.

How do you go about cleaning these floors?

You can clean these floors using apple cider vinegar though this takes a longer time to evaporate compared to the more concentrated chemical cleaners which is known to dissolve the tiles over a period of time. Apple cider vinegar is known to leave your tiles bright, clean and shining with the fragrance of cinnamon.

If you have marble flooring then though the look gives your room a wonderful look but maintaining them can be a big issue as these marble floorings are known to be sensitive to chemical cleaners and even vinegar is known to damage the flooring.

How does one go about cleaning these tiled floors?

The most easy and conventional method to clean these marble tiled floors is boy using a good mop, citric acid and hot water and if you feel that citric acid is not very effective then you can use other eco friendly alternatives too.

To clean a floor that is made up of hardwood would be difficult if you have to maintain them as wood and water are enemies and the best way to clean these are using mild solutions using some organic soap and warm water, all you need to do is to spray this water and wipe the floor clean this way you will not only clean your floor but will also protect the floor for a longer time period.

If you have carpeted flooring then cleaning this can be a strenuous affair as the filth collects downside. You also don’t need to wash these carpets using soap and water as the soap does not get completely removed thus making your carpet look dirtier sooner than you had expected but then on the other hand using a steam cleaning method or an water extractor will give you a far better result than the traditional use of detergent and water.

Cleaning granite floors is easy because all you need is a mild solution and hot water along with a cloth and you can find your marble flooring sparkling as this is the easiest floor to clean up.

Grout floors are not easy to clean as they are porous thus making them difficult to clean, sometimes when green cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda do not work then use of harsh chemicals is recommended but then using oxygen bleach is far safer than using the chemical bleach to clean these grout floorings.

Green Floors: what are green floors?

Flooring material that which can be recycled in the future, there are many companies that provide you green floor but then you need to know about the company that is going to provide you with the flooring etc before you decide to have green flooring for your house as you are going to keep it for a long time period.