How To Clean Laminate

By Subodh / January 10, 2011

With the change in life style there is hardly any time left to clean up the house what with office work, taking care of the children and other obligations to be fulfilled. With so many things taking precedence do you think it is worth spending hours together to just clean up the floor, well no? Then is there any way to clean up your flooring?

Yes, using laminate flooring is the best available option as this has relatively a very low maintenance. But then there is one problem and that is it takes longer time to clean up a laminate flooring in comparison to other floorings. You need to be careful while cleaning a laminate flooring otherwise it may turn out to be an expensive affair as too much of moisture may lead to the expansion of tile expansion as well as warp and the tile may get dislodged.

You need to follow the cleaning method strictly which you get at the time of installation of the laminate flooring so that you don’t lose out of your warranty. All you need to do is to follow the instructions given below and you will not only have a sparkling laminate flooring but you will also have a low maintenance benefit of using a laminate flooring.

How do you go about cleaning the laminate flooring?

  1. Wipe all the spills immediately as abundance of liquids on the flooring will damage the laminate wooden flooring. Moisture on the flooring are known to seep into the cracks and cause warp, swell up the flooring and get them displaced.
  2. Shift the movable furniture so that you have a larger area to clean up as dirt or sand may be stuck to the furniture which you may unwittingly drag along while cleaning thus causing scratches to develop on your flooring. Don’t drag the heavy furniture as they leave behind lots of scratches on the wooden flooring.
  3. Broom up the laminate flooring or a dust mop so as to remove all the dust from the flooring before you start off the actual cleaning work. You can also vacuum clean the flooring to get rid of finer dust particles that are stuck to the wooden laminate flooring, thus making cleaning easier.
  4. Use a homemade laminate cleaner and all that you require is a squirt bottle which you need to fill up with the cleaner, water, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in equal proportion. Wet a cloth or a mop and start mopping spraying the liquid from the squirt bottle on to the mop or cloth thus preventing more liquid from spilling onto the wooden laminate flooring.

If you are not still not satisfied then you can always opt for other cleaning methods like you can use a floor cleaner of your choice, fill the bucket with water add a cup of white vinegar and approximately a cup of rubbing alcohol and taking a few dips you can wipe the floor clean. Drying the flooring so that there is no moisture remaining thus assuring a clean wooden laminate flooring.

Further more you can also place doormats and rugs to absorb dust and dirt especially in areas where there are too much of possibilities of human movements. Also avoid using cleaner that are high on ammonia as they are known to remove and damage the coating that is applied on the laminate flooring for protection.

Waxing the floor should be avoided as it will wear off unevenly and thus make your flooring look ugly and bad. Steaming your flooring will also cause damage as there is water retention in the wooden laminate flooring.

To remove oil, tar etc use a few drops of nail polish on a piece of rag and wipe clean. Using ice is the best way to remove wax or stuck gum on your wooden laminate flooring will be a better idea than scrubbing with a brush or a metal sponge. This way your wood laminate flooring will remain clean and shining for a longer time.