5 Ways To Take Care of Your Gut Health

By Subodh / February 11, 2014

What you put in is what you get out of what you eat.  This is integral as it relates to your digestive health.  After all it is the first contact with what you put inside your mouth and will be the first in line to help your body get the nutrients that it needs.  As such, it’s deeply important to make sure you take good care of your gut.  Diarrheas, constipation, vomiting, are all emergency mechanisms your gut goes through to combat harmful particles ingested from food.  As such, to make it run the best way it can here are five tips to better gut health:

Eat lots of pro-biotics/prebiotics

Probiotics and prebiotics provide a variety of digesting microbes in your gut go grow or precursors to grow.  This allows the formation of healthy live-active bacteria that prevent many ailments from plaguing your digestive tract.  In fact by increasing the amount of beneficial bacteria, you are able to push out many bad bacteria.  As the good bacteria’s population increases, it creates favourable competition between the bad bacteria allowing the flourishing of beneficial bacterial culture.  Foods that can help in improving such good bacteria range from yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, pickles, tempech, and kimchi.  In all pro-biotics and prebiotics are essential for combating negative effects on your digestion.

Morning cleanse with lemon water

A warm mug of lemon water goes a long way in aiding digestion and cleaning out the digestive system.  A warm glass of fresh lemon squeezed in water may do just the thing to ward off unwanted toxins from your body.  Taking it in the morning allows one to capitalize on the amazing ability of the liver to cleanse itself by encouraging bile production.  Moreover, lemon aids in loosening up digestive tract toxins which can help reduce the effects of bloating, belching and heart burn.  On top of that it aids in lubricating the gut lining.  In all it takes only one cup in the morning to get the maximal benefits of this neat way of keeping your GI tract healthy.

Minimize processed foods

Too much processed food can create a lot of stress for your digestive system over a prolonged period of time.  Every so often is fine but there should be a real means of focusing on much more simpler foods and preparing them yourself.  Eating fresh vegetables, fruits, free-range animals, and really controlling the amount of wheat you eat (if you are gluten intolerant) are all means to an easier gut existence.

Eat adequate fiber

A very important point is to eat enough fiber.  Most people struggle with in taking adequate amounts of fiber and this can really be a red flag.  Without fiber, passing stool becomes increasingly difficult and no one wants to experience the pain of constipation as a regular event in their daily life.  Broken down into both soluble and insoluble, fiber provides a variety of benefits for your gut.  One of them being the ability to provide bulk to fecal matter and making defecation easier.  It absorbs water as it moves through the digestive tract, picking up waste matter and preventing it from being reabsorbed back into the body.

Drink your food, eat your water

When saying this I don’t mean blend your food but the truth is not far from the assumption.  You should chew your food enough that it becomes emulsified in your mouth into a paste.  Don’t just chomp down once or twice and then swallow.  This can place extra strain on the rest of the digestive tract in digestion and can lead to some abrupt surprising later on.  Chew thoroughly, your mouth is the first step in the digestion process whereby it provides both chemical and mechanical breakdown of food particles.  In turn you’ll experience less strain from eating by doing so.  Another point is to eat your water.

Seriously, try chewing it, allowing the liquid to be mixed with the digestive enzymes produced in your mouth.  When you swallow this mixture, it allows another means of cleansing the rest of your digestive tract as food particles become loosened and travel down for further breakdown.    Ultimately all these steps will aide in a better gut and prevent you from feeling like you just sat in a wheelchair, with a numb bottom (boy could you use a wheelchair pillow).  Take hold of your gut.  Do you have the guts?

Donna Jane is health conscious about her digestive system. Donna writes for DearJane.com.au blog, please visit her there if you would like to read further on the subject.