6 Ways Stress Affects Your Appearance And Their Fixes

Being stressed over things robs off the youth of your skin and you know that very well.  Feeling that you are stuck in a rut and have reached an impasse is the result of worrying uselessly and a tad too much. Stress not only drains away all your positive energy but also manifests as physical problems which in turn affects your appearance. And you certainly do not wish to look like a crabby old woman or man right in your early thirties! So before you pull your face for the next frown, take a look at these points to know how stress could affect your appearance.

1. Eats Away Your Sleep

There is usually a good reason when you are spending sleepless nights which seem to be too long and dreary and just do not seem to end! When this happens, know that you are going through some very big amount of stress for reasons best known to you. However, try to identify what is it that is making you so anxious or miserable and talk it out with someone you could confide in. Being vocal about your tensions could abate their impact on your up to a large magnitude. When you are over stressed and want to fix it all yourself, it could grow even heavier, stealing away your sleep and peace of mind.

sleepless nights

2. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Too much of stress makes slows down the blood circulation in the body which obstructs the proper flow of oxygen to all parts of the body especially towards the head and the face. This makes the skin lose its suppleness and charm and leads to the early formation of wrinkles and fine lines. How would you feel when you see an aunty in the mirror who resembles you; quite scary!


3.  Dull and Lifeless Skin

It is quite understandable when you have a sword called the deadline for paying taxes hanging over your head, or you are feeling helplessly miserable and guilty because a loved one is fighting a health battle, or may be your abusive boss steals away the credit for your hard work after making you slog for the entire day! However if you are immersed in so much of stress, where is the time to breathe? And here it is meant literally. You actually forget to take deep breaths in between and drink enough water when you go through something like this. Please remember that all this does nothing to reduce your worries but simply adds more age to your looks, by leading to skin darkening, dull and rough skin.

lifeless skin

4. Unhealthy Addictions

Combating stress in a healthy manner does not usually come naturally to people, and especially the ones who are emotionally weak try to take the support of addictives which are anything but healthy for you. Please be mindful that the addictives like alcohol, smoking, drugs or excess use of tea/coffee/chocolates/sugary drinks simply create the illusion of relaxation because of the mood altering elements present in them. And in reality, they push you towards even more stress inducing situations and tendencies. So, no matter how much tension you have in your mind, never give in to the offer of a colleague, for having a little session of drinks with him, because when you are under stress, it becomes all the more difficult for you to say a no as your inner strength weakens at the time.

alcohol smoking

5. Frequent Aches And Pains

If you are experiencing inflammation in your joints, acute pain in the neck or are spending sleepless nights due to intense back pain, chances are that your mind is clutched between layers of issues which are giving constant stress to it. Worrying endlessly about how are you going to pay your house’s EMI next month, or what you should have replied to someone who treated you nastily or how could you make a loved one happy are some of the reasons for you to experience pain in bones, joints and muscles. Sometimes a locked jaw is also the consequence of taking undue stress over a period of time.

Shoulder pain

6. Diseases

The diseases like diabetes, thyroid, cardiac malfunctioning, fluctuating blood pressures and paralyses are some of the repercussions of leading a stressful lifestyle. Louise Hay in her book Heal Your Body mentions  that stress manifests as many of the diseases therefore the people who fall ill or are suffering from a disease since a long period of time usually have that particular stress in his or her life. For example if a person has a tendency to feel helpless in situations he is likely to develop paralyses.

Stress Remedies

  • Drink enough water
  • Practice Om chanting on waking up and before going to bed
  • Do breathing exercises every morning
  • Walk for an hour for feeling relaxed and focused
  • Eat Foods like oily fish, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts
  • Talk your worries out
  • Join group classes like belly dancing, jazz, hip hop, aerobics or swimming
  • Express your creativity in your chosen area-writing, painting, cooking, gardening, acting, singing or speaking
  • Hug your loved ones often
  • Make time to catch up with old buddies and be open to making new friends