How To Avoid The Office Lurgy

It is a rather worrisome prospect, but statistics have shown that a large percentage of office desks and appliances are contaminated with a number of bacterial strains. This level of poor hygiene has contributed to the increasing contraction of illness and has consequently led to a rise in staff sickness.

It is imperative that those in office based professions undertake the appropriate preventative measures to safeguard themselves from falling victim to infection. In order to avoid catching the bug of the week, abide by the following steps and catch the germ before it catches you!

1. Disinfect

Eliminating the very cause of sickness i.e. the pesky bacteria, will undoubtedly reduce your likelihood of falling sick. There are countless methods of disinfection that are pretty trivial and can be easily incorporated into a daily workspace cleaning regime. Start by investing in some surface cleaner or disinfecting wipes and make a concentrated effort to regularly wipe down your personal office area.

Avoid The Office Lurgy

2. Fight the Bite

It has become the norm for office staff to avoid the stretch to the canteen and instead opt for lunch at their desks. Although it may be more convenient to gorge at your desk, the practice of eating at your keyboard is a major contributor to the accumulation of bacteria and should be prevented. Also, next time you’re on your weekly shop, it’s a worthy idea to grab yourself some anti-bacterial hand sanitiser. It will instantly eliminate germs and save you the trek to the sink (presuming your office has one).

3. Vaccinate

I know most people avoid needles like the plague, but an annual flu shot really could be your saviour. Most general practitioners offer an influenza vaccination free of any charge and once vaccinated, you should be pretty immune to most flu epidemics. So, toughen up a little and book yourself a jab!

4. Take A Day Off

In most cases, absence from work is a complete no-no, unless of course, you’ve gone and caught the bug.  If you are a sniffling mess, do your colleagues a favour and keep the cough at home.  Dedicated workaholics may gasp in shock at this rule, but it is wise to allow yourself time to recover and more importantly, prevent the spread of contamination in the workplace.

5. Beware the Enemy

Germs are not visible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid them. They thrive on human touch and will undoubtedly find their way onto frequently used items; door handles, telephones and office supplies equipment , to name a few. Items of communal use carry great potential for harbouring germs due to contact with, well, everyone. It is worth investing in your own office supplies or next time you’re on the hunt for a pencil, avoid borrowing one from wheezing Will.

The prevention of the spread of germs can take a back seat in busy office environments, but with increasing staff sickness it is imperative that we take simple yet effective steps to avoiding illness.

Next time you reach for the office door handle, bear in mind that it is the mother of germ magnets and consider giving your hands a quick wash.

Do you implement any germ-avoiding steps in the office? Let us know below!