How To Combat Dental Anxiety

By Subodh / May 28, 2013

People can suffer from dental anxiety for a number of reasons. Research suggests that negative experiences with a dentist can result in dental anxiety. Dental anxiety then causes patients to put off dental care, making it worse, and their subsequent dental visits more stressful and painful. This snowball effect has dental patients in a never-ending struggle with their dental issues, and their fear of taking action. The results end up being severe dental issues that bring to fruition all of the fears that dental anxiety sufferers have. There are measures you can take to help alleviate dental anxiety.

Practice Good Dental Hygiene At Home

It makes sense, that if you slack on dental care, that going to the dentist may be cause concern. Not only is your poor dental hygiene likely to cause more serious and painful dental issues, but hell hath no fury like a dental hygienist scorned. No grown adult wants to get lectured on brushing and flossing more regularly. Particularly not by someone with access to pain-inducing tools they will have to put in your mouth. Practicing good dental hygiene on a daily basis, will keep your teeth more clean and healthy, reducing the need for painful dental procedures. Good dental hygiene will also earn you the respect and admiration of dental professionals, which should also help take the stress out of going to the dentist. Reducing dental anxiety is just one of the many reasons you should brush twice daily, floss daily, and visit your dentist twice a year.

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Choose A Dentist Who Specializes In Dental Anxiety

The prevalence and negative repercussions of dental anxiety are well known. As a result of this issue, many dentists are specially trained to help patients who suffer from dental anxiety have a positive dental experience. A practice called “sedation dentistry” is an option for severe dental anxiety sufferers. Dental patients are put into a semi-conscious state through use of drugs, and dental procedures are performed once the patient is heavily sedated. Even if patients are getting something as simple as a tooth-cleaning, they can be put under the influence of anti-anxiety medication and sleep medication. This combination makes patients groggy, and puts them in a state that is virtually anxiety free. The practice also often causes amnesia, so patients don’t remember the procedures whatsoever. If you don’t think sedation dentistry is right for you, there are plenty of dentists who specialize in helping anxious patients

Don’t Procrastinate On Your Dental Health

Many of those who suffer from dental anxiety, tend to put dental care off until the last minute. This often means waiting until dental pain is so incredibly severe, they can’t go about living their normal lives. If you wait until your dental issue is having a negative impact on your life, the dental procedures necessary to fix your problem, will inevitably be more laborious and painful. If you think you’re beginning to have a dental issue, get it looked at right away. By putting off your issue, you’re making your worst fears come true.

Facing Your Fears

If you suffer from dental anxiety, there’s no doubt it’s having an effect on your dental health. If you practice good dental hygiene, locate a good dentist who specializes in dental anxiety, and don’t put off critical dental care, it should help ease your dental anxiety fears. There’s no doubt that having a better mental state at the dentist, will help change your relationship with dental care for the better.