How To Deal With Abortion

By Subodh / January 10, 2014

For a woman, abortion could be an absolutely distressing situation to deal with. It not only affects the woman physically, it also affects her mentally. It is a lot of emotional stress for her. Although abortion is the right of every woman but it still does not make things easy for her. First of all she has to get over the guilt of killing something which has life. Secondly it is her own baby she has to get rid of. On the grounds of humanity too it is a difficult decision to make. It seems that God has given more courage to women than men as they are able to deal with such situations.

You may need to get aborted in the event of accidental pregnancy. A lot of times you don’t want to get pregnant but a small mistake ends up in an undesired result. It is sometimes extremely difficult to tell others about the pregnancy. A lot of women do become single mothers but many can’t do it. In this case the only option left for you is to get your baby aborted in the womb. It is not an easy choice to make. Nonetheless, since you don’t have any other option, you have to make that choice.

No Point Feeling Guilt About What Happened

If you and your partner take utmost care to ensure that there is no pregnancy, it will not happen. But many times, in the most intimate times, we get carried away and forget about protection. This sometimes leads to an absolutely undesirable situation of pregnancy for a girl. There are times too when you have taken all the care and used the protection properly and you still get pregnant. This happens in the rarest of the rare scenarios though.

Whatever has caused pregnancy cannot be changed. The only thing you can do now is deal with it. If you are living in guilt or remorse, it will do no good to you, your partner and the little life which is there in your womb. Thinking about it, crying, sulking and blaming your partner will be of no help. Stop feeling guilty and instead think about what can be done now. Of course it is easier said than done but at least you can try. The more you will try the more likely you will find the answers to your questions. The big question is, “Now what?”

Do You Want To Keep The Baby Or Abort It?

It is indeed a very difficult choice to make. There are many factors that could be decisive here. For instance, if you are too young you may be afraid of taking such a big responsibility at such an early stage of life. You may also be thinking about your life ahead in terms of profession and career. If you are not employed, being a single mother could be a tough ask. The choice has to be yours. Remember that it is your constitutional right to abort, but you may not consider it as a moral right. This may look like an abstract idea, but the only thing which can help you in this situation is your inner voice. Instead of asking people and taking advice, listen to what your heart and soul are saying. If your heart says carry the child, do carry it. If your heart says abort, go ahead and abort and end your pregnancy.

If You Are Planning To Abort, Know About The Process

If you finally decide to terminate the pregnancy, you will have to consult a gynecologist. Process of abortion is not exactly a very complicated medical process. Hundreds of thousands of abortions happen every day. If it is your first abortion, you will very likely feel nervous about it. No matter how much someone consoles you, you will be a bit scared. It is okay to be scared. However, if you have some knowledge it will bring some comfort to you even when you are scared. Abortions are pretty safe and are easily carried out by doctors. Go to your doctor and get full consultation. Tell your doctor that you are scared (if you are). A lot of times, doctor’s words act as consolation.


Are You Feeling Sad After Abortion?

It is very likely that you will feel sad after abortion. After all you have just terminated a life which well could have been your child. No logical arguments can help you get over your pain and guilt. It is only time which will heal your emotional wounds related to the abortion. To make sure that you get over the emotions faster, it is a good idea to never let yourself free. Engage yourself so much in activities that you don’t have any time to think about the ordeal of abortion. The emotions fade by day, but sometimes they may take longer. The more you are able to divert your mind away from it, the easier it will be for you to forget things.

Talk To Someone About It

If you are still not able to get over the emotions, it is better that you find someone you can talk to. You perhaps will not be able to speak to your parents, but you can always talk to someone who is your good friend. The more you will talk about it, the faster you will get over it. When you are talking to someone, you are venting out your emotions. Venting out helps you get over your pain.