How To Get Rid of a Black Eye

Have you ever had a black eye but weren’t sure how to care for it? Do you fear getting a black eye due to a blow to your eye that just happened? You should definitely read up on the treatment and care of a black eye to make sure that your recovery is as speedy as possible.

How to Treat a Black Eye

By applying cold to your eye, you are decreasing the pain and swelling that are the results of a black eye.

Different options include:

  1. An ice pack (wrapping ice in a plastic baggie and towel).
  2. A freezer pack if you own these (same type used in lunch boxes).
  3. A bag of frozen vegetables
  4. You could even use snow if you live in the right area at the right time ofyear!

Other Tips for Healing a Black Eye

  1. With compresses, use them 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off. Apply them moretoyour cheektoavoid putting any additional pressure on your eyelid.
  2. You will want to continue the cold compresses for the next day or so.
  3. You can treat the inflammation with acetaminophen, not aspirin, as this can thing the blood insteadofgetting ittoclot.
  4. You can also take high amountsofvitamin C for the next several days as this has been shown to help heal contusions.
  5. After the first day or two, you can switchtowarm compresses.
  6. Try toavoid sneezing as much as possible and don’t blow your nose.

What to Watch Out For

Usually, black eyes last for a week or so. If yours does not start clearing up within a few days, you should go see a doctor right away to make sure there is not another issue there such as a concussion. If you experience anything like blurry vision or, sensitivity to light or dots in your vision, certainly see a doctor right away. Also don’t let any seepage or bleeding from the eye go unchecked.

Black Eye Remedies

Over the years different home remedies have been used for the treatment of black eyes. Leeches used to be applied to the face to suck out the blood. Than using a raw steak became popular, but many people don’t realize why this method really works, which is the fact that the steak is cold right out of the fridge. Using a cold compress is just as effective, and a lot cheaper!

There really isn’t any make-up that can totally cover a black eye. You could always go with an eye patch or dark glasses, but you might attract even more attention with these in certain places. Your best bet is just to be ready with an explanation as to why you have the black eye. Almost everyone will assume that you got into a fight and were on the losing end of it, but of course there are many ways which a black eye can occur.