How To Get Rid of a Droopy Belly After a Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is the process of removing the uterus surgically. Sounds difficult, doesn’t it. It is, indeed, not an easy thing at all. Not only uterus; the Fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix and the other surrounding particles are also removed by this surgery. This surgery is done by the gynecologist. It removes the ability of bearing the children by the removal of the Fallopian tubes and the uterus. This surgery has some risks which can affect for a long time. The ovaries are also removed with this surgery for decreasing the risk of cancer related to the ovary. A woman can have a droopy belly after hysterectomy. It causes excessive skin of the belly. It goes against the beauty of a woman. Proper steps should be taken for solving problems related to the droopy belly after hysterectomy. Following the suggestion of a doctor is a must.

There are some tips which are suggested by most of the physicians for solving the problem related to the droopy belly. Here are some of the tips. You need to know the tips if you have done this surgery or know someone who is facing this kind of problem. But contacting a doctor is a must before trying any of the tips.

Getting Rid of Droopy Belly after Hysterectomy

Exercises That Can Help to Get Rid of Droopy Belly

If you have done hysterectomy and facing problem with droopy belly, then you need to follow the tips below for solving the problem. Proper exercise can help you in solving this problem. Regular exercise is helpful for getting rid of the muscles of the droopy belly. It can take several weeks to recover. You need to do regular exercise within that time period for getting back the previous condition. You need to perform exercise with the suggestion of a doctor. You can’t apply any kind of exercise. Proper exercise is needed to be done for solving the problem of drooping belly. There are some steps of the exercise.

  • Yoga: Placing your yoga ball opposite to the wall is important for maintaining your balance at the time of sitting or working the core muscles. It will help to give support. You need to be careful about maintaining the stability of the body. You need to sit on the yoga ball with comfort and then you need to keep your face opposite to the wall. Keeping the feet close to one another and lifting the chest is important. Then you need to put the shoulders down.
  • Free Hand Exercise: You need to raise the arms in the front side of the height of the shoulder after drawing the abdominal parts gently. You need to raise the arms fully extended. Then you need to get back the arms in the previous position. After that, you need to continue the previous motions by maintaining a rhythm. After repeating the motion for 20 times, you need to extend the arms above the height of the shoulder. Then you need to lift this above the head. If you feel this height uncomfortable, then you can avoid this. It can be harmful for your surgery. Be careful about the surgery while performing the exercise for getting rid of dropping belly after hysterectomy.
  • Abs and Arms Movements: You need to continue the movements of the arms after raising the toes up and toward the ceiling. After doing this, you need to spend a few minutes; you need to alternate the arm. You need to try the left arm if you have done right and vice versa. You need to perform this once in a day and every day of the week before getting rid of the droopy belly. This is needed to be done for several weeks. But you can’t start this after completing the surgery of hysterectomy. You need to spend the required time for healing the pain of the surgery. After that specific time period, you can try the required exercise for solving this problem. You need to make your muscle stronger than before and by doing regular exercise you can get rid of your problem day by day.

You can also take the help of a doctor. A doctor will help you in following appropriate way to get rid of droopy belly. You will be able to know from your doctor what types of exercises will be best for you. As hysterectomy relates to a surgery, it is essential to be careful about the surgical area while doing any kind of exercise. If you can’t perform exercises properly, you can take training for doing the exercise properly. Proper exercise will help you to get rid of the droopy belly and so you need to have an accurate idea about how to perform an exercise. You can’t do any type of exercise. You need only to do a particular exercise.


A woman can have hysterectomy for some reasons. This causes droopy belly of a woman after completing the surgery. Exercise is the most effective solution among all the solutions. You can try yoga. But continuing the exercise regularly is important. If you do the exercise for some days and then leave that, it will give no return. So you need to maintain yourself regularly to get the best benefit and also to get rid of droopy belly. To regain your healthy as well as slim look that you had before your surgery, your willpower, dedication and your hard work will help you a lot.