How to Get Rid of a Hickey


A hickey or love bite is caused by overzealous kissing, sucking and or biting, usually on the neck or arm area and usually, but not always, on the neck of a teenager who has gone for a drive with their boyfriend. The red or dark bruising is the result of surface blood vessels breaking. Hickeys have often been known to appear after first, second or third dates. A hickey is similar to a bruise and will go away on its own, although often not soon enough which is why hiding them has been the most common solution.

There have been surprisingly few reported instance of hickey fatalities. They are also non-contagious.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey

The question remains, once all of that blood is trapped right beneath the skin’s surface, how do you get rid of it?

How to Get Rid of Hickeys

  • If you catch the hickey soon enough, your can minimize the mark by immediately applying ice. If you do not have a bag of ice handy but you do have a freezer then applying a bag of frozen vegetables for example or tub of ice-cream should have a similar effect.
  • On the other hand you can try applying a warm, moist, used tea-bag as a hot compress. Repeatedly re-wet and re-warm it as needed until the hickey disappears. If you do not have a tea bag, you may be able to experiment with hot wet towels for example. But take care not to burn yourself.
  • Surface stimulation is another technique that will help disperse the blood and make that hickey disappear. Gently rub and massage the area of the hickey. Using a comb or a hairbrush to massage the area works better than fingers and hands. Using any tubular object with a domed end, apply steady pressure over the hickey and twist. It will hurt, but it will help. Lipstick caps, pen caps, and blistex caps work. The goal is to work the blood deeper into the skin.
  • You can try rubbing vitamin K into the area. Go to a pharmacy that sells creams and moisturizers and ask if they have any vitamin K containing products. Vitamin K solutions are often used for betting rid of dark circles under the eyes but can work for hickeys too.
  • Utilize turtleneck sweaters, scarves, or makeup to cover it up. The hickey will technically be there but it will have disappeared from view and thus effectively achieved your goal of getting rid of it.


Stay at home and especially avoid all member of the opposite sex. If anyone should approach and indicate that they are interested in any form of contact with you beyond a firm handshake, then run. Quickly.

If you do have to let someone kiss you then indicate the parts of the body that you will accept being kissed upon and how hard. For more extreme cases do not let anyone kiss you anywhere that is not on the lips.