How To Get Rid of Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

By Subodh / December 24, 2013

If you are a pregnant woman there is one fact that doesn’t change regardless of your age, country, religion, socioeconomic background, education, caste, creed or anything else: you are going through a life-defining experience (hopefully good). Among the pregnant women acid reflux is very common. Progesterone is the main reason of the acid flux at the time of pregnancy. It decreases the rate of the digestive system. The pressure of a growing baby also combines with the process. The acid of the stomach is increased and it helps to make the way upward. More than 50% women experience acid reflux. There are a number of ways to prevent as well as to treat acid reflux during pregnancy.

Signs of Acid Reflux during Pregnancy

There are some symptoms of acid reflux. You should know the symptoms properly.

  • Burning sensation at the upper chest or throat.
  • A nauseous feeling
  • Regurgitation and burping are other signs of acid reflux.

How to Get Rid of Acid Reflux during Pregnancy

Identifying Acid Reflux

People can identify acid reflux by the symptoms of it. This problem is common during pregnancy. But a woman can face it after the pregnancy. If this happens, then she needs to consult a doctor at first. A doctor can help her to identify the actual reasons of acid reflux. Upper endoscopy is suggested mostly by the doctors. Intra avdominal pressure can promote acid reflux.

The Reason of the Acid Reflux during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the stomach of a woman experiences pressure of the growing baby. It has small space in it. This causes acid reflux of the pregnant woman. This is common to almost 50% of the pregnant women.

Tips for Getting Rid of Acid Reflux

  • A pregnant woman can take over-the-counter pills that mean OTC pills to decrease the acid of the stomach. But it is essential to talk to a doctor first for avoiding any kind of problems. It can interact with something else which you are already taking for a long time. So consult a doctor at first. It is essential for taking OTC pills to decrease the acid of the stomach.
  • The esophageal sphincter is dilated by the peppermint tea. It is also soothing to the stomach and so avoiding peppermint tea is essential for a pregnant woman. Having raw almonds can be another way of getting relief of this. Some woman also prefers to take the tablets of the papaya enzyme. This is another solution.
  • A pregnant woman needs to eat sufficient food and it will help her to solve the problem related to acid flux. You can also take frequent meals. It will be helpful. Doctors suggest for avoiding large meals. Instead of taking large meals, small meals will help a pregnant woman in getting rid of acid reflux. You can take the meals several times or divide the large meal into small amounts. It will help to get rid of acid reflux.
  • Lying on the left side can also help to get rid from this problem. Sleeping on one side will reduce the frequency as well as the duration of acid reflux episodes.
  • Avoid spicy and greasy foods. It is important. Especially before the time to go to bed. You need to have simple food without any kind of spice at this time. Milk increases the acidity of the stomach. People think that milk is an ideal food. This is ideal, but not for the pregnant woman. You need to avoid this for avoiding the acid reflux during the time of pregnancy.
  • Take food at least three or four hours before sleeping. It will help you a lot. You have to keep in mind that you are not allowed to eat chocolate, caffeine or even peppermints. Keeping the shoulders and head up on the pillow is helpful for keeping the acid of the stomach to its position. For avoiding the heartburn, you need to change the resting position of the daytime.
  • A pregnant woman needs to consult a doctor to get rid of acid reflux. You need to take a proper suggestion from a doctor before changing your diet plan or lifestyle.
  • A pregnant woman should be conscious about her dress. Avoid the tight-fitting dresses. A tight-fitting dress can be the reason of creating pressures to the abdomen of a pregnant mother. So she needs to wear a loose-fitting dress. The place around the waist is a sensitive area for a mother where she feels more pressure during pregnancy. So the dress should be comfortable for a pregnant woman.

If these tips do not help you, then you should not wait to consult a doctor fast. Most of the cases it is possible to easily treat the acid reflux. Acid reflux isn’t harmful for the baby. But it interrupts the comfort of a pregnant woman. You may face different problems for the increasing acidity of the stomach. After observing the symptoms of this problem, it is essential to consult a doctor. Simply by following some rules, you can easily get rid of acid reflux.


Do not dare to take any kinds of medicine without asking your doctor. Follow the instructions of your doctor. By following some rules, the problem can easily solve. So if you are pregnant and having this kind of problems, then know about the reasons and symptoms and then follow the tips properly to get rid of acid reflux.