How To Get Rid of Ataxia

By Subodh / January 1, 2012

Medical problems cause a lot of stress and grief to the person suffering from them. A health condition which is known to affect muscle co-ordination is ataxia. Although there are no treatments, which have been discovered till now to permanently rid a patient of this problem, there are many therapies which help mitigate the effects of the health condition.

The main cause for the health condition is any kind of damage to the cerebellum, which is responsible for co-ordination of muscles. The health condition may actually occur in childhood itself. Injury to the spinal column or brain may cause cerebeller ataxia. Ataxia may also further lead to multiple sclerosis. Any kind of brain tumor may actually set the foundation for occurrence of ataxia. The genes of this disease may be passed from one generation to another. Hereditary ataxia is common although many people develop ataxia, without having any family background.

An important symptom of ataxia includes loss of hands and legs co-ordination. Slow eye degeneration as well as slow moment of the pupils of the eyes is another symptom that could be indicative of ataxia. Difficulties in swallowing and slurred speech are some other symptoms of Ataxia.

One of the best ways to diagnose Ataxia is by using the finger to nose test. Your voluntary motor functions would be tested by this method. You will be asked to touch your nose’s tip by your index finger. Some other popular tests include toe tapping, heel-shin test as well as rhythmic hand slapping test.

If there is something, readers can learn from reading this article, is how to treat ataxia. The lifestyle of a person gets affected because of the occurrence of ataxia. There are ways and means by which you can improve your health condition. Given below are some of the ways in which you can effectively treat the health condition-

  1. Physical therapy– It helps strength and muscle tone. Physical therapy will go to a large extent to improving your problems of mobility. The advantage of strengthening your legs and arms is that an improvement is seen in arm movements.
  2. Occupational Therapy- This therapy deals with how you can easily cope up with your daily activities. Patient independence as well as self care techniques are stressed in this therapy.
  3. Benign devices– Devices like walkers or canes will help you a lot in adapting to a normal lifestyle. Even if you undergoing physical therapy, these devices will help you move, increasing your mobility. Modified utensils can also help you a lot in case you are having speech problems or even facing difficulty in swallowing. The utensils will particularly help you eat well.
  4. Resting– It is very essential for you to rest well. Walking may actually lead to loss of energy. You should ideally consult your doctor once a month. Take a 9 hour rest every night; it will do wonders to your health.
  5. Avoid depression and anxiety- It is very natural to feel anxious and depressed, when you are plagued by this health condition. Join support groups and consult your doctor on a monthly basis. Anti-depressants may also help you deal with depression and anxiety.
  6. You can take Tizanidine or Baclofen for ensuring muscle spasticity.

Given above are some of the ways you can treat ataxia.