How To Get Rid of Bad Tasting Water in Your Home

One of the things that cities become known for among the home owners that reside there is how their water tastes.  It is known that some cities have really good tasting water while others have really bad tasting water. While the taste of the water might deter some people from buying homes in certain cities, most people have to learn to deal with it, even work around it. Here are some of the best things you can do in order to help your home water system have the best tasting water possible.

Naturally Change the Flavor

Many people take to flavoring their water when they can’t stand the taste of the water they have in their home. Using some of the convenient little packets that will flavor water is one thing that people will commonly use. They are low on calories as well as convenient to use. Other people will place water in a pitcher and then use fruit to naturally change the flavor by just a little bit. There are some fruits that are more effective like lemons and limes at covering up bad tastes.

Tasting Water

Many Different Filters

Generally, the most effective thing that most people will do is get a filter. A water filtration system works in several different ways. Bad tasting water is caused by dust, chemical pollutants, or just particulates that are contained in it. Having a filtration system that will work to remove these from the water will help to decrease their affecting the taste. The best systems will help to leave certain minerals inside though because water tastes bad with no minerals in it too. Having the right filtration system does more for you than just provide great tasting water though by also helping to protect your plumbing and appliances as the bad contaminates in some municipal supplies of water will damage them.

If you find that the taste of the water in your home is the only bad thing about the water, an entire filtration system for your home may not be the most practical option. There are other things you can do to help with taste. For instance, you can place a smaller filter on your tap where you drink water from to help and filter that water while dealing with the rest of the water. Not all water stinks coming out of the tap, so this can help if your only complaint is the taste of the water.

Many refrigerator’s have a filter placed in them to clean the water before it comes out for drinking or used to freeze to make ice. When the water tastes funny to you when using this method of drinking, chances are you need to replace the filter found in the appliance. If you cannot figure out where the filter is or how to change it, you can usually find the information in a user’s manual or on the internet. If all else fails, you can always ask the manufacturer. Some people also believe that the brand of filter will make a difference in how your water tastes so it may take a few different times to find one that fits your tastes and preferences.

Change the Temperature

Believe it or not, temperature is another factor that can make a difference in the taste of water. When water is only slightly cold or even room temperature, the taste of the water is going to be a lot more obvious to the person drinking it. Try keeping a pitcher of water in the fridge and let it get really cold before drinking. This will help eliminate any unsatisfactory flavors that might affect your water. Also, water will take on the taste of the container it is in so it is important to make sure that the pitcher or cup you have it in is not the cause of the taste.

Going the opposite direction is to boil the water before drinking it. This will kill some of the different pollutants that cause the bad taste. It doesn’t need to be boiled for too long, but if the water is being used for something that requires good water, this will do the trick.

Sparkling Water

Another way to cover up the taste of bad water is to change it up a little bit with some carbonation. There are some new innovative ways for people to have this done to their water. Refrigerators are now on the market that will give sparkling water right from the door. There are also gadgets you can get that will sit on your counter and infuse the water with carbonation as well. If you really enjoy having your water this way, this might be one of the best ways to cover up the taste.

Any of these methods will work when trying to get your water to taste better. Choose wisely and pick the one that works best for your budget and needs. Each one will also be based on how badly it tastes and the needs you have for it.