How To Get Rid of Bee Stings

Bees play an important part in the eco-system as they help in pollinating the flowers. The bees, especially the honeybees are useful not only in pollination but they are also help to gather honey. However if you disturb their homes/hives or tease them, they can get very dangerous and can sting you. Bee sting is a common accident which can hurt you badly but sometimes it can also be life threatening.

Bee’s Stringer

You need to know about the bee stringer that how it stings and what the procedure is. The bee stringer is usually comprised of three parts; a stylus and two barbed lancets or slides found on each side of the style. Usually a lot of people have a concept that when the bee stings, it pushes its sting inside the skin however it is drawn inside by the help of barbed lancets.

Getting Rid of the Bee Stings

If you are stung by a bee, you need to follow these things immediately:

  • Remove the Sting – As soon as you find yourself been stung by the bee, remove the stringer as soon as possible. It really does not matter how you remove it; what matters is that the quicker you will do, the less venom would stay in the body.
  • Apply Ice Pack on it – after the removal of the sting, apply the ice-pack on it immediately to lessen the pain as well as the swelling. Do not apply directly on the exposed skin.
  • Professional Help – if you know someone that is allergic to the bee stings, you should go for the professional help as soon as possible even before the signs of the stung starts to appear.
  • Wash the Affected Area – It is better to wash the affected area with soap and water to keep away the bacteria. Try using any anti-bacterial soap. You can also apply an ointment afterwards.
  • Take a Painkiller – You can also take a painkiller to stop the pain. But before taking it the medicine, make sure that you are not allergic to the specific medications.

Last Word of Advice

When a bee stings, it releases a pheromone which alerts the other bees present near the area and they are become defensive and would swarm up the area until the intruder is fled or is killed. So make sure you flee from that specific area or else you have no idea what will happen.