How To Get Rid of Bell

If at least one of your eyes is dripping tears and you cannot close it-and if you find it difficult to smile and you fill old and stiff-you might have Bell’s Palsy. You should see a doctor to be properly diagnosed and treated if you want to clear up this condition as soon as possible.

As far as treating this temporary facial paralysis here are your options:

  • Take the medication that your doctor would prescribe after your exam. Chances are you will be given some kind of ant-inflammatory drug to reduce facial swelling. Corticosteroids is a class of drugs that most helps return the nerves of the face back to normal to help you.

Other classes of drugs that may help in this case is either the antibiotics or antiviral drugs. It depends on whether or not your doctor thinks that your condition is viral or bacterial in nature.

  • Undergo a physical therapy course. Certain facial exercises can help restore your facial muscles and nerves. This kind of therapy will help you activate any muscles that have shrunk or shortened. During your sessions you might need to apply a hot compress.
  • Talk to your doctor about surgical treatments. You may need to resort to this more invasive form of treatment if nothing else works. Try to find the least painful option, such as if laser surgery would be available for this condition.
  • Take a B12 treatment. Ask your doctor about the dosage and type of this vitamin that would most work for you. The tablets that you place under your tongue would absolve into your bloodstream the fastest, or you could try a sublinqual dropper.

If you are severely B12 deficient then maybe you need an injection B12 treatment as offered by medical staff. You could also take some B1, B2, and B3 to help you further treat nerve damage or brain failure.

  • Take an acetyl-l-carnitine treatment. Doses of this are usually found in 250mg or 500mg capsules. This substance will help reduce pain and inflammation while it corrects nerve weakness. Free radical damage is also reduced and the energy production within the nerve sells is increased.

Coping Guide

During your treatment of Bell’s palsy you should try to enjoy your life as much as possible. Go out and have fun for an evening and just live your life like normal and do whatever you can to keep your mind off it.

You could also use your fingers in the mean time for opening and closing your eyelids periodically. This will help keep your eyes from drying out. Other options would be to apply an ointment or eye drops and/or wear an eye patch.

Some Self-Care Tips

Always eat a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep. Never work too hard and rest when you need to throughout the day. You should also engage in as much physical activity as possible, and keep your alcohol and caffeine consumption to a minimum, and do not smoke if you can all help it.