How To Get Rid of Body Hair

There are five main ways to get rid of body hair. You can shave it, trim it, pluck it, pull it, or burn it. There are pros and cons to all of these methods, and some methods are preferable for certain areas of the body than others.

Ridding Body Hair by Shaving

Shaving can cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and itching. Therefore, this method is best used on small areas that are hard to irritate like arm pits. If you are going to shave any part of your body, it is best that you do so after a hot shower. This way your skin is hydrated and your hair is soft and easier to remove.

Ridding Body Hair by Waxing

This method pulls the hair out of your skin. Absorbent cloths are soaked with hot wax and placed on the skin. When the wax dries, the cloth and wax are ripped away from the skin, taking the hair along with it. This can be quite painful at first, but many people say that the pain lessens with repeat treatments. Waxing lasts longer than shaving, and you don’t have the risk of ingrown hairs that you have with shaving.

Ridding Body Hair by Trimming

Certain areas of the body can be trimmed rather than shaved or waxed. Arms, hands, feet, and the crotch area can be trimmed using a beard trimmer. This is an electric razor with an adjustable guard. This saves you the pain of waxing, and the irritation and ingrown hairs that can come with shaving.

Ridding Body Hair by Tweezing

Plucking out hairs with tweezers is common for eye brows, ears and nose hairs. However, it is less painful and more effective to use an ear hair trimmer for these areas. Tweezers can also come in very handy when you are trying to touch up facial or pubic areas.

Ridding Body Hair with Depilatories

There are chemical hair removal creams that you can use to rid yourself of body hair. However, these cannot be used on the face or pubic regions. The depilatories are smeared on the skin. They are left on the skin long enough to burn the hair off your body, before they burn the skin. They are then removed with water and/or a damp cloth. These products work relatively well, but they are very hard on your skin and you have to be careful that you don’t leave them on too long. They also have to be used often because they only remove hair that is on the surface of the skin, not at the follicle.

Ridding Body Hair Permanently

If all of these methods seem ridiculously inconvenient to you, you do have another option if you can afford it. Permanent hair removal is possible with laser hair removal. It does take several treatments for the process to be complete where hair will not grow back. And, each treatment costs around five hundred dollars or more depending on the area. However, nothing is guaranteed, and the laser used to destroy the hair follicle can also cause irritation to the skin.